Nikita Mazepin: "Haas has no simulator, I don't work with Ferrari, so I'm preparing for the race at home."

Pilot Haasa Nikita Mazepin commented on the words of the driver "Alfa Romeo" Antonio Giovinazzi, who did not like being overtaken before a quick attempt in qualifying for Emilia Grand Prix-Romani.

“This standard of behavior over the past two weekends surprises me a little, because each of us works for our team and follows the instructions given by the engineer. In both cases, I acted according to the instructions (Mazepin was accused of violating the gentlemen's agreement in the first qualification of the season -, but the riders believe that there is some unspoken rule that must be followed.

In the incident with Giovinazzi, Russell and Riccardo drove up on me, and if I had not stepped on the gas, I would have been driven around in the same way as I had. It's unpleasant that it happened with Antonio, but every man for himself, "Nikita said in an interview with Match TV.

The driver also talked about how he is preparing for the Portuguese Grand Prix:

“We don't have a simulator in our team, so we have to use simulators that most professional riders have at home.

Does it start Ferrarito your simulator? Probably, it does, I'm not a member of the youth team, so I don't have such a privilege. So I will prepare for Portimão at home, but I'm here now (in Moscow - "

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