Guberniev on criticism of the national team's uniform at Tokyo 2020: "The Norwegian commentator can turn to any authority where he will be sent in the ass with great pleasure."

Russian TV commentator Dmitry Guberniev responded to criticism of the form of the Russian national team for Tokyo 2020 from the commentator of the Norwegian TV channel NRK Jan Petter Saltvedt.

Salvedt notedthat the form of Russians looks like "the middle finger in the face of the rest of the world."

“If a Norwegian commentator is an adherent of democratic values, then he should know that the court's decision is final and irrevocable. If he wants to teach the court, he can turn to various authorities, where he will be sent to the ass with great pleasure.

As for the fact, I will be happy to see it and personally show it to him, proudly noting the appearance of our team in a uniform that has been approved by the CAS. When they see me, they never say anything to my face. They are cowards.

There is a solution in a democratic country. Final and irrevocable. For everything else, he can safely go to the ass. I, too, will calmly show him the fact. This is a correspondence story. As soon as he sees someone from the Russian delegation or me, he will stick his tongue up his ass and smile. Hypocrisy, ”said Guberniev.

Our Olympic uniform: in the colors of the flag, without the word Russia - but with a talisman

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