What time does the Whittaker - Gastelum fight: when the fight, the start time of the broadcast on April 18

On the morning of April 18, Ufc fight night, in the main battle of which the next contender for the middle weight belt will be determined. Robert Whittaker returned after a one-year downtime and will now fight against Calvin Gastelum - a dangerous knockout who also has title ambitions.

The main card of UFC Fight Night will begin:

  • at 05:00 Moscow time;
  • 02:00 - preliminaries.

Gastelum has been fighting at the highest level of the strongest league for 9 years - 22 fights, of which 16 are victories. In total, the American has 22 victories and 6 defeats.

Whittaker is a former champion who managed to retain his belt for two years and beat the fearsome Colombian Yoel Romero twice. Robert has 22 wins and 5 losses in his treasury.

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