Forecast for the fight Usman - Masvidal 2 UFC 261: odds on the fight, who wins April 25

April 25 will be held Ufc 261where in the main battle Kamaru Usman fight against Jorge Masvidal for the welterweight title.

The favorite of the bookmakers is Usman.

Odds on fight Usman - Masvidal

  • Kamaru - 1.25;
  • Jorge - 4.50.

Kamaru greatly surpasses Jorge in arm length - 12 cm.Considering that Usman added in the standing position, then a significant advantage in anthropometry will help temporarily extinguish Masvidal's power - already a proven jab. In the first fight, the American managed to defend himself from transfers, but he had no answer from the net's control. This is another predominant indicator of the Negyrian over Jorge - in power.

It is to be expected that the one-sided plan to fence off the opponent will be complemented by a couple of attacks. Kamaru has become much more confident in the stance, so he will not have to force the fight for rapprochement, but work from the defense and make transfers from there. Usman is unlikely to want to risk his belt and prove how good he got on his feet with one of the best guys in this aspect.

So what do we have? A hardworking fighter, growing with each fight, against a fighter-mood, which also grows and progresses, but his arsenal is much inferior in this particular confrontation. Prediction: Usman will dry up and win this fight (most likely by points). Only now the damage will not only fall on the feet of the American.

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