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Bundesliga Germany
All tournaments of the country

Bundesliga (German Football Championship)

German football Bundesliga - Germany's top football division
Location Germany
The last winner Bavaria
20 april 19:31 |Tribune|Blog Terrace Football Culture

A fan's view of the Super League

🏟 We consider the creation of the Super League through the romantic prism of fanaticism and the difference between European and American civilization. We touch on the problem of aging of the football audience in view of the spread of clip thinking 📺

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April 20 16:16 |Tribune|Blog Bundesliga.ru

Preview of the 30th round of the German Bundesliga

In the next German tour, Bayer will go on a visit to Bayern, Schalke will try to formalize the relegation, and Cologne will again try to return to the race for survival.

Rating +25
April 20 11:12 |Tribune|Blog WITH TWO LEGS

About the Super League and its consequences

In the 8th episode of the podcast "WITH TWO LEGS" we talked about the sensational Super League, discussed the possible consequences of its creation, and also shared their views on who benefits from it.

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20 april 11:05 |Tribune|Blog Football show

Eintracht Frankfurt - Augsburg: will the favorite win

Augsburg have been defeated by Eintracht in their last two matches. Will the team be rehabilitated on April 20th?

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20 april 07:49 |Tribune|Blog Bundesliga.ru

Scandalous weekend. Review of the 29th round of the Bundesliga

While the whole of Europe is roaring with news about the Super League, we invite you to plunge into the local spill scandals that took place in the next round of the German championship

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