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Watching the 2020/21 Candidates Tournament, Round 9. Derby of Russia: Grischuk vs Nepomniachtchi. Alekseenko must stop Caruana!

The first round in Yekaterinburg after the resumption of the game confused all the cards. Caruana overthrew Vachier-Lagrave from the podium and rushed in pursuit of Nepomniachtchi, while Alekseenko ruined Grischuk's candidate hopes.

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TOURNAMENT OF CHALLENGES | 9th round | Results with Alexey Dreev

At the end of each playing day of the Candidates Tournament, we summarize the results live with Grandmaster Alexei Dreev. Detailed analysis of games, events, live conversation. Do not miss! Beginning at 21:00 Moscow time.

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Watching the 2020/21 Candidates Tournament! Nepomniachtchi vs. Giri, Caruana vs. Vachier-Lagrave

Here it starts! The candidates' chess tournament, between the first and second rounds in which 389 days passed, is resumed in Yekaterinburg. And after some 10 days, we will find out the name of the player who will fight Carlsen for the world champion crown in the fall!

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Zhuzha Polgar. Experiment

It was with her that the "miracle of the Polgar sisters" began, but for all her truly outstanding chess abilities and achievements, which most women never dreamed of, she forever remained in the shadow of her ingenious, absolutely best in the history of this game ...

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TOURNAMENT OF CHALLENGES | 8th round | Results with Alexey Dreev

Analysis of games from the eminent grandmaster

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The 2021 Challenger Tournament will resume today

The Candidates Tournament in Chess will resume today. April 19 in Yekaterinburg. Recall that the qualifying competition for the match for the world title started more than a year ago, but then was interrupted due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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