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Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Conor Anthony McGregor
Born July 14, 1988 | 32 years
Citizenship Ireland
Amplua Fighter
Height and weight 175|70
18 April 17:16 |Blog Puncher

Jake Paul is a YouTube bully: he beat Askren and is now waiting for Conor. What do we know about the new joker in battles?

YouTubers are taking over boxing. Fighting among non-professionals is a worldwide trend. The hack of bloggers and rappers are gaining millions of views on YouTube, and serious athletes are on the same card with the stars of the Internet. In Russia, we saw the battles between Oleg Mongol and Kirill Tereshin (Bazooka Hands), the bloggers Tamaev and Marvin (16 million views) and the masterpiece fights of the Instasamka guy at Battle for Hype. The main Russian dynasty of fighter bloggers is the Tarasov brothers, but the United States has its own stars: Jake and Logan Paula. Jake and Logan are popular youtubers who try to box. They used to fight others ...

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12 April 20:54 |Blog Puncher

The third fight between Conor and Poirier is on the verge of collapse. Soldiers quarreled over donation to Dustin's charity

Even Khabib intervened in the conflict. Conor's January fight with Poirier became the third in UFC history in terms of PPV sales ($ 1.6 million, above only Conor - Khabib and a rematch with Diaz). And although many believe that the Irishman is not the same after the defeat, he is still the main star of MMA. For 32-year-old Poirier, another fight with McGregor is the last chance to make good money in the UFC. For the third fight with the Irish, he even gave up the title. But if the second battle took place in an atmosphere of mutual respect, now there is tension between the fighters. McGregor broke his promise to donate to ...

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