Main Youtube channels


A channel in which the best sports journalists interview people of interest: athletes, coaches, commentators, businessmen and showmen associated with the world of sports

Show "How the card will fall"

Author's channel of Artyom Nechaev and Fyodor Maslov. Bloggers travel around Russia and play football with local boys in the most exotic places: near the walls of a monastery, next to the oldest football field in Russia, or just in the village

Show "Hands above"

Alexey Safonov's channel about MMA and everything that surrounds him: debriefing, interviews with the main fighters of our time, filming from halls and arenas, exclusives

Channel "Sports_doc"

Sports_doc is a territory where the best stories from become short documentaries. Here - stories about top (and not only) teams, as well as ordinary and not very ordinary people

Quiz Who Is

Quiz Who is is a hurricane quiz about football and, sometimes, other sports. Test your knowledge with Kerzhakov, Cherdantsev and Tambi

Channel "Our figurine"

On this channel, we want to unite all fans of the figure. Follow the Clean Tail podcast and interviews with top figure skating heroes


Podcasts about football, hockey and other sports

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