19 april 22:53 |Tribune|Blog Radio Ga-ga

Luze-ROCK. hope dies last

The theme of the competition was suggested by one user. Who, like an Estonian March cat ... even in April * is * preoccupied * with unearthly love. In short, let's go inside ... Until this cat did not register everyone))

Rating +6

18:25 Special project |

18:22 Special project |

15 April 19:37 |Tribune|Blog Major PDC

Premier League Darts 2021. Night 5

Results of the fifth round

Rating +11
15 April 19:27 |Tribune|Blog Major PDC

Premier League Darts 2021. Night 4

Results of the fourth round

Rating +11
15 April 18:58 |Tribune|Blog Radio Ga-ga

Luze-ROCK. Battle for Space. Outcomes

Finally got to the blog. Let's briefly summarize the debit-credit of the competition ...

Rating +9

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