Sotnikov that Sakamoto beat Tuktamysheva at the World Team Trophy: "Apparently, the factor of domestic refereeing has affected"

Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova shared her opinion on the women's competition at the World Team Trophy tournament in Osaka, Japan.

The Russian Anna Shcherbakova became the best in the sum of two programs, the Japanese Kaori Sakamoto took the second place, and another Russian Elizaveta Tuktamysheva took the third place.

“In the women's tournament, the biggest surprise is Kaori Sakamoto's cool performance. In an arbitrary, the Japanese woman flawlessly performed all the elements and even pushed Liza Tuktamysheva from second place. Which is hardly fair - technically, our skater's program is much more complicated. But here, apparently, the factor of domestic refereeing has affected. Okay, let it remain on the conscience of the arbitrators.

At the same time, I agree with Alexander Zhulin, who dropped in an interview: “Tuktamysheva has a phenomenal set in the free program. But you need to add a little bit to the speed. " And Lisa herself said at a press conference that she was already learning the quadruple jump with might and main, she was going to include it in the program for the next season. This step is obvious. Now, after all, we will also have to compete with yesterday's juniors - Kamila Valieva, Maya Khromykh, Daria Usacheva ... You cannot beat them without a stable quadruple.

As for Anya Shcherbakova, she has already taught us to win. But if in Stockholm she was clearly nervous, then in Osaka she was absolutely calm. I think everyone enjoyed it. Including Anya herself, ”says Sotnikova.

Are Shcherbakova's estimates too much? How to perform Tuktamysheva to win? Why do Russian women love Kolyada so much?

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