Dmitry Kozlovsky: “Of course, we were able to win the world championship. The only question is what we haven't done. "

Russian figure skaters Alexandra Boykova and Dmitry Kozlovsky summed up the season.

Kozlovsky: The season is specific. If we consider it in the framework of the usual, then it is unlikely that the score will be high. But if we take into account its non-standard, take into account the difficulties that we faced ... I'm not exactly satisfied, but I have a certain sense of pride in a number of moments that we have overcome.

- For example.

Kozlovsky: I was sick with coronavirus. Because of this, our preparation for the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix was disrupted. We were forced to forcefully approach that tournament. And we were able to perform very successfully then at Megasport.

Alexandra also had difficulties with her health before the Russian championship. Fortunately, it was not a coronavirus. But there were still difficulties and failures in preparation. The lack of normal rest before the last season also affected. And this was successfully overcome. And this despite the fact that the other guys performed very strongly, and the competitions within the country were held at a high level. Competition inside Russia is growing and growing every year. We manage to cope with this, and this is our big plus, my personal and our common pride.

- Is the bronze of the World Championship a success?

Boykova: Look! We took bronze at the Russian Championship and bronze at the European Championship, next season we had gold medals at these tournaments. Following this logic, at the next World Cup we should have gold. According to our statistics, everything is going according to plan.

Kozlovsky: I would not really like to regret what has already happened. Any athlete wants to win the world championship. Were we capable of this? Of course we were capable of it! The only question is what we have not done personally. On what they dashed off, they got it. Get upset and think about it? I have not remembered this for a long time. The offseason is already beginning, when you need to go to the big arc and go to such an event as the Olympics. It is not simple.

Boykova: Before the World Championships, we said that the victory will go to those who simply skate cleaner. There were no international starts where Russian, Chinese, Canadian, American couples would meet ... Everything depended on the purity of the rental. And so it happened in the end.

- That is, something like a roulette came out?

Kozlovsky: Roulette is the wrong word. Mishina and Gallyamov showed really clean, good skating. I didn’t even watch the Chinese, but I heard that they had some blots. We made mistakes. Therefore, talking about roulette is wrong, it is a sport. There will be a chance of error in any case - the ice is slippery. We're just trying to minimize it.

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