Alexandra Boykova: “People are not aware of emotions after skating. Therefore, it is wrong to discuss anything. Condemn - even more so "

Bronze medalists of the World Cup 2021 Alexandra Boykova and Dmitry Kozlovsky spoke out about criticism on the Internet after the situation in the kiss-and-edge at the World Championships in Stockholm.

Boykova and Kozlovsky train with Tamara Moskvina, as does the pair Anastasia Mishina - Alexander Gallyamov, who won the World Cup 2021, who joined Moskvina a year ago.

After the announcement of the ratings for the hire, Boykova turned to Moskvina in the kiss-and-krai: "Congratulations, you have world champions."

Boykova: How can people reason and discuss a topic that, in principle, is not clear to them? They were not in the same situation that Dima and I were in. They didn't understand what was happening. We have not been to training or competitions. We could not understand what was going on in our heads, in our souls. And in principle, emotions after the rental are unknown to people. Therefore, it is wrong to discuss anything. Condemn - even more so. That's all I can say.

- So that episode is just emotions?

Boykova: Let's just say it was anger. But this anger was primarily at myself. We understood perfectly well that everything depended on the purity of the rental.

- You then read the headlines, comments of the fans?

Boykova: I try not to read it. But, unfortunately, there was a lot of negative in our direction. And it sometimes continues to this day. Probably without it anywhere.

Kozlovsky: Let's do it this way. This is truly a thing of the past. Let's move forward!

It happened before. We don't want to focus on this, because life goes on. And our career continues. And our preparations for the main start of the Olympic cycle, again, continue. This is what we focus on.

We do not have the opportunity and time to constantly live this media space and exist in it. We have institutions, hobbies, training, health. We are doing this. We do not live on the Internet 24/7, reading all the articles. Otherwise, it's time for us to take off our skates, join you and do the work of journalists. But we have a slightly different direction.

In figure skating - a grand duel within one group: are Boykova and Kozlovsky rightly offended by Moskvina? And should they leave?

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