Sergei Khusainov: Levnikov won Lokomotiv - Spartak well, there was no penalty to the hosts

Sergei Khusainov, a permanent refereeing expert of Sovetsky Sport, believes that all three controversial episodes in Lokomotiv's penalty area did not deserve penalty.

After the match Lokomotiv - Spartak (2: 0), the refereeing of Kirill Levnikov is much discussed. First of all, two episodes in the hosts' penalty area, when the ball fell into the hands of defenders Pablo (52nd minute) and Alexander Silyanov (87th minute).

I understand the frustration of Spartak fans from the defeat of their favorite team, but in these cases I agree with Levnikov. For me, these episodes do not drag on a penalty, because both were playful.

So I would agree with all the discussed decisions of Levnikov, except for one thing - the moment with the fall of Quincy Promes in the penalty area. But not because Levnikov did not award a penalty there, but because he appointed a corner instead of a free kick in favor of Lokomotiv. Let me explain.

We are talking about an episode in the 44th minute, in which Promes got a leg from Silyanov. The Loko player tried to play the ball with his foot from below, and Promes with his open sole on top, but according to the rules of the game Silyanov acted correctly. It was the Dutchman who, playing with an open sole, played dangerously towards himself. This is a purely professional moment, which Levnikov did not understand, but this is more a blot than a gross mistake.

For the rest, Levnikov sued qualitatively

Levnikov is also criticized for the fact that, starting from the 74th minute, he handed out six yellow cards. Allegedly swam. But even here I am on the side of the referee. Not at the beginning, but at the end it is already necessary to punish, because during the match the players also accumulate a certain background. In such cases, commentators often say: "Received a yellow card for a set of violations." This is a normal situation.

So the general impression of Levnikov's work is good. In his actions, there were no accents in favor of one or another team, he did not interfere either in the move, much less in the result of the game. It is to such refereeing that he should strive in every match.

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