Sandor Varga: "An offer from Spartak could interest Wenger"

Football agent Sandor Varga shared his opinion on how realistic it is to see Arsene Wenger at the head of Spartak. The Frenchman has not coached since leaving Arsenal in 2018.

“Wenger has already coached one red and white club for over twenty years, I think he would not mind training another. He would love to return to the coaching bridge, he looks very cheerful at 71.

I was visiting him two weeks ago, Arsen misses his coaching work very much. He lacks the daily training with the team, the creative process. He wants to come back.

An offer from Spartak could interest him, Wenger has a very good attitude towards Russia. No matter how many times the option of working here appeared, I always reacted very positively. In such moments, mutual interest is important: so that the coach and the management understand why they need it, ”said Varga.

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