“There are coaches who are not afraid to be honest. Others find stupid excuses. " Charlia - about Olich and Goncharenko

Former CSKA defender Zvonimir Sharlia, now playing for Ankaragucu, spoke about the attitude towards ex-army coach Viktor Goncharenko and Ivica Olic, who replaced the Belarusian.

- Why didn't you manage to gain a foothold in CSKA?

- Even now I have no answer to this question. CSKA was confidently at the top of the standings, I showed a good game. Everything changed after the international break. I don't know what exactly happened, but the situation has deteriorated sharply.

- Goncharenko began to stage the young Vadim Karpov.

- He is a young and talented defender with a great future. I don't want to make loud statements and talk about injustice, but at that moment it seemed to me that I should play.

- Did you ask Goncharenko to explain why he stopped letting you out?

- It is not so easy to discuss such things with coaches. They can always find a reason, and each time it is something new. You need to work and wait for your chance. But I decided to leave. I understood how things were going and that my prospects at CSKA were not the best for me.

- Have you had coaches in your career who explained their decisions?

- Sure. There are coaches who are not afraid to be honest. They come up and say: "You looked bad here, I am not happy with your performance." Others do not want to explain and find stupid excuses.

- And Goncharenko?

- He sat me down on a bench with the words: "You are tired, I want to give you rest." After that, I probably played three matches. I can't say bad things about him, but sometimes it was difficult to understand his decisions.

- Was you surprised by Olic's appointment?

- In Croatia, there were rumors about it last winter. At first I was a little surprised, because he had no experience of independent work before. But in general, this is a logical step from CSKA.

- Why?

- He's part of the army family, the legend of the club. Olic can be a good coach. The main thing is that he is a good and fair person.

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