"Onopko and Ovchinnikov are incredible guys, their dismissal shocked." Ex-CSKA defender Charlia about the former coaches of the club

Former CSKA defender Zvonimir Sharlia, who plays for Ankaragucu, commented on the departure from the Moscow club of coaches Sergei Ovchinnikov and Viktor Onopko. At the end of last year, both specialists expired their contract and CSKA did not renew them.

- After the match with Zenit last year, Goncharenko left for Belarus and almost left the club.

- CSKA is a family, coaches and players are not allowed to go there just like that. But the situation after the game with Zenit ... If you leave and then come back ... I think everything changed after that.

- Surprised that he eventually left the team?

- Not. If you see something going wrong and you can't handle the situation, you have to leave. Because you spent a lot of money in the transfer window and you have no good reason to fail.

- Everyone says that CSKA is a family, but in December the club fired Onopko and Ovchinnikov.

- It shocked me! Didn't expect it at all. They were always positive, laughing, joking, telling a lot of stories. We always helped the players, especially the young ones, talked to everyone. Onopko and Ovchinnikov are incredible guys, only respect for them, - said Charlia.

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