“I would be happy to return to CSKA”. Former CSKA defender Charlia - about the desire to play in Olic's team

Former CSKA defender Zvonimir Charlia, now playing for Ankaragucu, said that he would not mind returning to Russia and playing for the army team under the leadership of Ivica Olic.

- What was the last meeting with Goncharenko?

- Two days before the match with Espanyol (the last match for CSKA in the Europa League 2019/20 - Sport24), he said: “You will not be in the application for the match. You can fly home. " I asked: why is that? He replied that there was no reason, he simply considered it necessary to do so. He told me to come back home and get some rest. He promised to see you in Spain.

- You didn't ask anything else?

- He said that he was worried about his position: I do not play, as much as I would like. I asked Goncharenko to say something about my future. He replied: “Look, I can’t guarantee you anything - Vasin is returning, we have Karpov, Magnusson, Diveev. You can come, you can fight, but I cannot promise you a chance. " He replied: “Okay, I'll come. I will fight for my place, and then we'll see. "

- But?

- In winter I got a call from Turkey, from Kasimpash. They said that they wanted to see me in their team for a long time, that I would play in all matches. My agent called the now former head of the CSKA breeding department Maxim Dyukov and said that I could no longer sit on the bench. I called Goncharenko, we wished each other good luck, thanked for everything and said goodbye.

- If Olic invites you back, will you come back?

- With joy! I would be happy to come back and show everyone that I deserve to play in CSKA colors.

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