Bill Shankly's grandson wants his grandfather's monument removed from Anfield. This is a reaction to Liverpool's participation in the Super League

The grandson of legendary Liverpool coach Bill Shankly, Chris Carline, has said he would like the 1997 monument to his grandfather removed from Anfield. Carline was outraged by the club owners' decision to join the Super League and believes they have “betrayed the spirit and values” of the club. This was reported by the Liverpool Echo.

“I know that my grandfather is being quoted more now than ever, and rightly so, because what is happening cannot be divorced from what he wanted for this football club.

I am shocked and confused. When you talk about Liverpool Football Club, its history and its roots, you can refer to seven, eight or nine quotes from your grandfather that are well suited to the current situation, such as socialism or greed, but I also recall one of his less famous quotes. It is from his book, and in it he talks about the desire to bring the football club closer to the fans, and the fans to the football club. And he managed to achieve this.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he will spin in a coffin because of the current situation. If there is such an opportunity, I would very much like the monument to be removed, ”Carline said.

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