14 Premier League clubs in T-shirts with the Champions League logo and the words "Deserve" will go to the matches. This is a protest against 6 members of the Super League

Premier League clubs not included in the European Super League will join the action that Leeds played yesterday before the 32nd Premier League match against Liverpool (1: 1).

Before yesterday's game, a banner appeared on the podium “Earn me on the field. Football for fans ”. T-shirts with this inscription (without the words "on the field") and the Champions League logo alsowent to warm up Leeds players.

According to The lndependent, employees of 14 Premier League clubs have begun work on the design of shirts in which players will go to the pre-match warm-up. The clubs that are not included in the Super League plan to speak unanimously on all issues related to the new tournament.

Klopp keeps his word against the Super League, Leeds came out in "Earn" jerseys: protest in the Premier League

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