Leonid Fedun: “I expect the Super League to burst after a while. FIFA and UEFA can quickly crush the project "

Owner Spartak Leonid Fedun spoke about creating Superleague of Europe...

“If FIFA and UEFA really do not agree with this position, then they can say that all those advertisers, without whom this project is worth nothing, who will offer these brands for advertising in this Super League, will be boycotted by everyone else, so to speak, football fans. Now, if this is announced, the project will be closed immediately.

Wealthy clubs want to be even richer. In my opinion, this is more like a bluff, because FIFA and UEFA have every opportunity to crush them quickly.

If FIFA and UEFA want to crush this project, they will crush it, and if they do not press it, then they do not want to. I expect this project to burst after a while, ”Fedun said.

The manager also believes that the creation of the Super League will benefit Russian clubs: “Our representation in the Champions League will expand, and League champions will be a more successful project than the Super League. "

What did we learn about the Super League on Monday? Bayern and Borussia will not be there, the players and coaches were not told anything

Disneyfication of football. Where did the Super League come from?

Fans are fighting against the Super League: they come out with banners, demand to expel the greedy owners, and someone cuts the season tickets

UEFA and top clubs need each other too much. Even if the Super League is inevitable, the current plan is too crude

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