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    ::: Sputnik V ::: shared a picture - editing status
    🏒🥅 #history # USSR national team #CSKA #Detroit #New Jersey #NHL # Stanley Cup

    Today is the birthday of the multiple USSR champion with CSKA, two-time Olympic champion, seven-time world champion with the USSR national team, three-time Stanley Cup winner (2 - as a Detroit player and 1 - as an assistant to the head coach of New Jersey ) - #Vyacheslav Fetisov...

    ::: Sputnik V :::
    ::: Sputnik V ::: shared a picture - editing status
    🎥 #films #history #books #read

    “I suddenly found myself in a different world. Among other people. Some absurdity reigned everywhere. Some kind of disgusting society ... It's scary to walk down the street. The center is packed with prostitutes of all ages: small, old, unhappy, poorly dressed. All around the markets. Intelligent people stand on them - it is clear that from university teachers of high rank - and they sell some
    ... cups. All this made a depressing impression on me. The smug Democrats aroused in me not admiration, but irritation. By the fact that they divided the people like that. "

    “What is happening nearby is very much like the planet Plyuk. We are all getting closer to her, getting closer. And not only Russia, but our entire ball ”.

    © Georgy Danelia

    #Politics #New life
    zhirov shared - editing status
    Roma and Atalanta are interested in acquiring Azmun

    Roma and Atalanta may acquire Zenit striker Serdar Azmun during the summer transfer window.

    The very spider
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    History... #Bavaria, #UEFA Champions League, #LatestNifootball
    Philatelist79 shared - editing status
    Where is the legendary Dutch trio Milan now? Thanks to them, people fell in love with football.

    Neither van Basten, nor Gullit, nor Rijkaard have been coaching for a long time. Why?

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    Killing shared a picture - editing status
    Killing shared a picture - editing status
    Killing shared a picture - editing status
    Killing shared a picture - editing status
    Pavel Borisovich Luspekaev was born on April 20, 1927. # USSR national team #history #books
    KOTOFAN_17 shared by reference - editing status
    There is no such crime that the capitalist will not commit in order to obtain 300% of the profit. (from)

    Not surprisingly, football capitalists have gone on a blatant crime against sports and football for the sake of big money.

    It is not clear what Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United, Milan and Inter will do in the SUPER League, which for the last 5-10 years are far from SUPER - neither in their championships, nor in European cups!

    To the start of this very
    ... "Super League" (when does it start there?) "Super" status can lose, for example, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Atlético; Juventus, in fact, has already lost it.

    On the other hand, many high-level teams can accumulate, while remaining outside the "Super League" ... In general, there is no smell of sports principles here.

    Capitalism and money are evil! But a double evil is when there are no alternatives. She used to be. Imagine that this "Superleague" would have been created not now, but 35 years ago.

    We could respond to this by creating an alternative tournament - an alternative not to this Super League, but to the League (then the Cup) of Champions: to create a socialist Champions League. Spartak, Dynamo Kiev, Dynamo Dresden, Steaua, Crvena Zvezda, CSKA Sofia, etc. That would be a high level.

    And now, in the post-Soviet period, when the level of football in Russia and in other countries of Eastern Europe has fallen sharply, we simply have nothing to respond to the anti-football quirks of Western capitalists # Europe Super League #money #business
    ⚡⚡⚡Officially announced the creation of the Super League. Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and 8 other clubs - its founders

    ⚡⚡⚡Officially announced the creation of the Super League. Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and 8 other clubs - its founders

    Officially announced the creation of a new football tournament - the Superleague of Europe “The twelve leading teams in Europe today have jointly come to an agreement on ...

    KOTOFAN_17 shared - editing status
    On April 19, 1943, the legendary SMERSH was created - the strongest counterintelligence service in history. In many ways, the turning point in the war that happened at the same time, in 1943, was ensured by this new structure, which was headed by the brilliant Viktor Abakumov, and supervised by the no less brilliant Joseph Stalin.

    About 40 thousand spies, saboteurs and terrorists, neutralized by the front-line security officers from SMERSH - this is millions of saved
    ... lives of Soviet people. And the ingenious special operations carried out by front-line counterintelligence officers could become the basis for many striking films and books.

    Alas, the post-war fate of the SMERSH elite was tragic. Comrade V. S. Abakumov soon fell victim to the Khrushchev-Malenkovsky lawlessness; the blow inflicted on Abakumov also affected his former organization: many of Viktor Semyonovich's associates also suffered, and the topic of SMERSH became taboo.

    And if the activities of Soviet intelligence during the war found wide coverage in Soviet cinema, then you cannot say the same about the work of our counterintelligence during the same period. As far as I know, only one film dedicated to SMERSH was released in the USSR: "The code name is" Southern Thunder ".

    At the same time, for 2 episodes of this picture, the word "SMERSH" is never pronounced, and the counterintelligence officers themselves wear in the film a completely non-Smershev uniform; however, this can be explained by the fact that the action takes place in the front line, and you need to mask.

    And the film itself is simply amazing, in my opinion, one of the best - about the war. I recently did a detailed analysis of it⬇#history #Joseph Stalin
    Outstanding Military Detective - "Codename" Southern Thunder "

    If we take the film studios of the RSFSR, the Ukrainian SSR and the Baltic republics outside the brackets, then, perhaps, the strongest Soviet film studio should be called Moldova-film, on ...

    Pavel FCSM
    Pavel FCSM - editing status
    No Super Duper League makes sense if it's not there #Spartacusbut
    ᴛᴀɪᴘᴀɴ ᴍᴄᴄᴏʏ
    ᴛᴀɪᴘᴀɴ ᴍᴄᴄᴏʏ shared a picture - editing status
    First, this is a fantastic idea, embodied
    into life, including the great #Santiago Bernabeu Yeste... I respect# Florentino Perezover the top, but here's the idea for a hat. It destroys ALL values ​​of European football. Everything for which we love football so much, everything will collapse. They are already talking about the exclusion of participants in this project from the national championships and#UEFA Champions League... What the hell do you need ?!
    #Real Madrid
    Killing shared a picture - editing status
    M93 shared a picture - editing status
    Super League? I don’t know, I don’t know ... There are also for, but so far more against. And I saw such an opinion about the Super League,#UEFA Champions League and #Real Madrid and mostly agree.
    Real Madrid is arguably the face of the Champions League. 13 Cups, a bunch of records written in history on behalf of Real Madrid. At the head of the Champions League scorers are the players who played for Real Madrid. We are proud of 3 Champions League Cups in a row, 4 for
    ... last few years. Ramos' goal at 92.48. And leave all this in the past? More questions for now.
    Vladimir Mankov
    Vladimir Mankov - editing status
    I consider the announcement of the creation of the Super League nothing more than blackmail by the big clubs of the association. UEFA, despite strong statements, has a serious dependence on the conspirators and will not be able to survive the break in cooperation. Large clubs, in turn, will not be able to support the project in the long term. I expect that the start of the Super League will not happen, and UEFA will make concessions to the giants and provide ... more favorable economic conditions. How this will affect small clubs is another question.# Europe Super League
    Igor Vasiliadi
    Igor Vasiliadi - editing status
    In my opinion, purely personal - creation # Europe Super Leaguecan kill European football, it is a split and a war with unclear consequences for all sides. The initiators of its creation, who call these actions a revolution, are most likely right for themselves: it has long become uninteresting and not profitable for them to compete with different clubs from the “second” and “third” football countries in the well-established ... years of Euro Cups.
    In fact, this is an oligarchic conspiracy of super clubs, which is why they started, but only for themselves, a commercially profitable, again for them, tournament. But UEFA will never agree to this - because it threatens to split up completely, and to belittle the importance of both UEFA itself, as a bureaucratic football organization, and between countries, clubs, national federations and even the national teams of European countries.
    UEFA threatens the “apostates” with terrible sanctions, and this will mean the complete devastation of football Europe. Moreover, the largest traditional championships of the national teams of Europe and even the World will be threatened, since #FIFAfully supports their partners The national teams of the Super League teams can be weakened by the absence and / or disqualification of players from these teams, and they are usually the strongest and best in their countries. National championships without these clubs will completely lose interest within these countries. In general, the progressive, at first glance, movement of the Top Clubs will be the end of the old football Europe, and the beginning of the “new” one on the horizon is very faint in their actions ...
    ::: Sputnik V :::
    ::: Sputnik V ::: shared a picture - editing status
    ⚽️ # Europe Super League #UEFA Champions League #UEFA Europa League ⚽️

    “Honey is so sweet that finally it is bitter. Too much taste kills the taste. " © William Shakespeare

    At least the owners of the top English clubs should know their own great classic, whose words contain eternal wisdom. And this is also the case when#moneyprevail over common sense. IMHO.

    # Premier League England # Serie A Italy
    ... #Liga #bundesliga Germany #ligue 1 France
    Evgeny Kapitulsky
    Evgeny Kapitulsky - editing status
    I haven't written statuses for a long time, but you can't get around this newsfeed.

    I think that # Europe Super Leaguewas not a bad project in itself. A good deal could definitely come out of it, because a more competent distribution of finances is always a plus. Take the same Premier League, where all clubs flourished due to TV rights, or the NHL with the NBA. At the same time, the new league is headed by people who clearly understand this. So that
    ... I would react to this without much enthusiasm, but also without skepticism. But everything fell apart as soon as UEFA got into a pose. And now this is already a historic decision in the best traditions of the old deranged dictators. This will most likely lead to disaster. But nothing will happen to club football: the disaster will affect exclusively UEFA itself and the FIFA looming over it. Basically, this decision is suicide.

    Now I will try to paint it in stages. I keep in my head first of all England, but I think that with some delay this process will take place in all the leagues affected. So, I predict the following course of events:

    1) UEFA and FIFA do announce that any player and club will be disqualified for life for any participation in the Super League;
    2) the clubs participating in the Super League are not involved in this and secretly sit down at the negotiating table with local leagues (in England, for example, this is the Premier League) and, perhaps, even start in the Super League without fear of punishment;
    3) the leadership of local leagues see the situation as follows: bad UEFA and FIFA rip out the most valuable and profitable clubs with the richest history and hordes of fans from them; the clubs themselves don't mind staying in the league. The most typical case is the same Premier League, where almost all aksakals went to a new league;
    4) Premier League, La Liga and Serie A threaten to withdraw from UEFA to keep national competitions going;
    5) broadcasters who have signed contracts with these leagues continue to stand up for their partners with a mountain and even persuade the leagues to quickly put the threat into execution - if only the entertainment does not fall; of course, contracts with broadcasters easily beat the UEFA wallet, and this applies not only to Super League clubs, but also to all other participants in the top divisions - right up to Brighton, Getafe and Benevento; as a result, everyone votes for the exit, and it happens;
    6) all leagues in the hierarchy are gradually changing their shoes: lower league clubs need prospects for playing in the elite and cups (and this is money), and even the last amateur clubs are interested in periodic matches with professionals - because of the pandemic, the attendance of these clubs has collapsed and will not recover soon , so telecontracts remain the only financial outlet, but where can you fall under them if you don't play against strong rivals?

    Result: FIFA and UEFA, who have taken a pose, turn out to be a useless "lame duck", a full-fledged Champions League grows out of the Super League, and, indirectly, a whole new domestic football. The funny thing is that over time, prospering and developing, the Super League will lose its closeness and attract strong leagues that have not yet joined it - and then not only strong ones. In 10 years, within its framework, there will be qualifications for clubs from Finland and Gibraltar. And somewhere in 30-40 years, the new Florentina Perezs will start to scream and want to come up with something new, just like now. But that is another story.

    True, there is one nuance in the current events. What will happen to football at the national team level? And here it seems to me that there is only one way: to change your mind, disqualify the players and focus exclusively on the World Cup and Euro, realizing that this is all the remaining bread. Otherwise, the end. This is also a chain reaction: if FIFA and UEFA go to the end and do not back down after the Super League players are expelled, then when entire leagues start leaving FIFA and UEFA, they will definitely not be able to close their eyes to it. They will have to immediately disqualify the players of these leagues, and the whole. At the same time, the leagues will remain the focus of the strongest - after all, there will be money from TV rights, and, consequently, salaries. Gradually, the usual tournaments like Euro and World Cup will lose more and more players. And as the number of victims grows, the Euros and Worlds will become such a pitiful sight,that they will cease to interest anyone. Of course, FIFA will definitely declare with pathos that football began as an amateur and returned to its roots, but this will not slow down the financial collapse in any way. Well, after the death of FIFA, there are hardly any new people who want to tinker with tournaments at the national team level, and even build them from scratch. It hurts a lot of organizational problems, which until recently did not even exist ...
    I think then intercontinental club football will replace it. Moreover, a full-fledged, not a club World Cup for 7 teams. Maybe clubs from outside Europe will even enter the Super League, but that doesn't matter. I just think that in such a tournament, the coaching ideas of the conditional Guardiola or Conte will not be lost, but will really leave the continent. The current national teams have a lot of strong coaches, but they need to build something from scratch for a very short segment. I think if it dies away, then everyone will be more comfortable.

    But FIFA has a chance to change its mind at least in this.
    KOTOFAN_17 shared a picture - editing status
    April 18 is the birthday of the two main teams in the history of national football: #Spartacusa (1922) and #Dynamo Moscow (1923)
    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    Happy birthday club dear! Society "Dynamo" turns 98 years old

    Hello everybody! It's 2003. May. I am still a very young kid of 12 years old, returning home after the yard football. As always dirty (often stood on ...

    Igor Vasiliadi
    Igor Vasiliadi - editing status
    # Shamil Gazizov vs # Leonid Fedun- 3: 0. In general, this is a mystery, but the penultimate RPL team defeated the second in terms of losses before the round ... Bye, bye the Champions League? A terrible match, the worst of the season ... The only thing is that this Ufa Gazizova left from a direct relegation to the FNL, pushing Rotor out of the joint zone, well, good luck to them. And most importantly - not a single goal scored in two rounds + now the loss of Gigot to CSKA ...
    chemax32 - editing status
    A disgrace #Spartacus
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