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Haas F1 Team
Country USA
Pilots Mick Schumacher
Nikita Mazepin
Pietro Fittipaldi
17 April 11:02 |Blog Home stretch

Mazepin crashed the F1 car again due to a childish mistake - now he flew the wheel into the gravel. After promising to forget the debut accident

Powerfully started training at the second Grand Prix of his career. Formula 1 newcomer from Russia Nikita Mazepin continues to win the public and the attention of the authors of all kinds of memes. It seemed that at the debut Bahrain Grand Prix, the Haas pilot had already collected all possible mistakes: No. 9 turned around twice in qualifying (only four times in a weekend), he ruined fast laps for several competitors (including Sebastian Vettel), and in the race did not managed to get beyond the third turn - lost control of the car, turned around on the curb and flew into the wall. Mazepin crashed the tricolor car already in the third corner of the first race ...

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