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"I do projects in social networks not for the sake of money, but for the love of the game." Rasmus Boysen - handball player and blogger

“Do the projects generate any income? Not really. Sometimes I write texts for third-party resources as a freelancer. And social media is more of a hobby. Handball is my main passion in life, ”- Sergei Nikolaev talked to the famous Danish handball player and blogger Rasmus Boysen.

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"Youth" in Poland. Two victories and defeat, presentation of a new captain and debut of Statsenko

The Russian youth team under the leadership of Mikhail Izmailov continues preparations for the European Championship, which will be held from 8 to 18 July in Slovenia.

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World Cup 2021. Olga Shcherbak: "I was looking forward to this debut that it was all the same who to go up against"

The 23-year-old Lada welterweight made his debut in the form of the Russian national team in the first match of the World Championship qualification against Turkish women. On the eve of the replay, let's get to know each other better.

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Belarus. Shards of "classico". Brest gold framed by a loss of interest in what is happening

The Belarusian Championship found out the winner more than a month before the finish. The silver medalist is also known. And for the bronze, Gomel should not lose a three-point advantage over Masheka.

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Yulia Khavronina after six years abroad: “I would agree to return to“ Zvezda ”

“Trefilov then had a clear position:“ Those who leave will not receive a call to the national team. ” Nobody contacted even after Martin arrived, ”- in the pause between the matches between the Russians and the Turkish women, they talked to Yulia Khavronina, who plays in“ Konyaalti ”with the coach of the national team Birol Yunsal.

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Germany. Ryan Leuven between matches with Chekhov: victory, host status and coaching question

The week between the matches against Chekhov turned out to be informative for Ryan Leuven. At first, Mannheim resonantly became the host of the Euroleague Final Four. Then the club introduced coaches for the next two seasons. And then the team confidently dealt with Hannover in the Bundesliga.

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