Panarin is likely to refuse to participate in the World Cup 2021 ("SE")

Attack Artemy Panarinwill likely not compete in the 2021 World Cup if Rangers will not get into the Stanley Cup, Sport-Express claims.

The reasons for this decision are a difficult season and a scandal associated with statements Andrei Nazarov, who accused Panarin of beating a girl in a bar in Riga in 2011.

IN Russian national team are considering Panarin's candidacy to participate in the tournament and turned to the 29-year-old player, but the hockey player does not plan to come to Latvia for the World Cup.

The World Championship will take place in Riga from May 21 to June 6.

Nazarov accused Panarin of beating the girl 10 years ago. The story is muddy - there is no evidence and does not match the dates

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