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    🏒🥅 #history # USSR national team #CSKA #Detroit #New Jersey #NHL # Stanley Cup

    Today is the birthday of the multiple USSR champion with CSKA, two-time Olympic champion, seven-time world champion with the USSR national team, three-time Stanley Cup winner (2 - as a Detroit player and 1 - as an assistant to the head coach of New Jersey ) - #Vyacheslav Fetisov...

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    50 goals in 50 games equals 50 goals scored by one player in his team's first 50 games in the NHL season. 50 goals in 50 games (or less than ...

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    Source: Dmitry Kagarlitsky will enter the free agent market

    The forward of the Moscow Dynamo Dmitry Kagarlitskiy will enter the free agent market, according to the telegram-channel "Hockey without spectators".

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    Avtomobilist offered Shipachev 360 million rubles in three years

    The 34-year-old striker has signed an agreement with Dynamo Moscow, according to which he will earn 285 million in three years.

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    On April 18, 1999, Wayne Gretzky said goodbye to the NHL. He played his last league game and earned 2847 assists in front of the packed Madison Square Garden arena. His New York Rangers ended the season with the Pittsburgh Penguins and were beaten 1-2. Before the game, a video message from Gordie Howe, Gretzky's idol as a child, was shown in the hall. After ... Pittsburgh striker Jaromir Jagr scored the winning goal in the second minute of overtime, and Gretzky made several laps around the court that reminded him of the Edmonton Oilers' victories in the 1980s. Without taking off his uniform, Gretzky met with reporters.
    “Probably, subconsciously I didn’t want to take it off,” he said when asked why he didn’t change. “I’ll never wear it again. It's hard to realize. just a boy who loved hockey and was lucky in life. God gave me a passion for the game. " # Wayne Gretzky #history # Canada national ice hockey team #Los Angeles #Edmonton #Rangers #Gordie Howe #Jaromir Jagr
    Dmitry Puzyrev
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    Though belatedly, I would like to congratulate one of the "idols" of childhood on the last birthday! Health, Michal Mikhalych, strong and long years! ..
    #Mikhail Presnyakov (no tag), #Torpedo
    Dmitry Puzyrev
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    skorpy55 shared - editing status Source: Islanders hockey player Komarov may return to Dynamo Moscow

    Source: Islanders hockey player Komarov may return to Dynamo Moscow

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    Volkov and Boykov have extended their contracts with Dynamo for two years

    Dynamo Moscow signed new agreements with two players of the team - defenders Artyom Volkov and Sergei Boykov. Both hockey players renewed their contracts ...

    ::: Sputnik V :::
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    📺📡💻 #read #psychology #a television #the Internet #social network #technologies

    "Whoever controls the media controls the mind." © Jim Morrison, The Doors |#music

    The media occupy a prominent place in public life, they not only reflect the processes occurring in the world, but also influence the formation of a worldview, take on the dissemination and creation of appropriate
    ... norms of behavior, social values ​​and goals.

    Today, the United States of America occupies a leading place in the information field, and the picture of the American media is very revealing. The American press, both print and electronic, is primarily a business and has a purely commercial character (which is actually typical of the absolute majority of capitalist countries). There are no state-owned media in the country, except for those broadcasting only to foreign countries, such as the Voice of America and Radio Marty radio stations. All other press organs operate on a commercial basis, their main purpose is to make a profit. If magazines, newspapers or TV stations stop generating revenue, they are usually closed or sold.

    So, what about media control in an advanced capitalist country where the terms “free speech” and “free market” are so common?

    Back in 1983, about 50 corporations controlled the vast majority (90%) of all media in the United States. Today, 90% of the media are owned by just 5 incredibly powerful media corporations.

    These five conglomerates are: AT&T Inc. (the world's largest telecommunications company, in 2018 acquired Time Warner conglomerate for $ 85 billion, which owns Time Inc., Warner Bros. Entertainment, Time Warner Cable, CNN, HBO, Turner Broadcasting System and The CW Television Network), The Walt Disney Company, Fox Corporation, Viacom (the merger with the CBS television and radio network officially completed in 2019) and Comcast Corporation (the largest cable TV and broadband Internet operator in the United States, as well as the largest pay TV operator in the world with 52 million subscribers, spends millions annually dollars to lobby their interests, and also has the practice of hiring family members of officials in the corporation).

    In addition, several billionaires control vast areas of the media. One example is Mortimer Zuckerman, who owns US News & World Report, or Warren Buffett, who owns the majority of voting shares in Berkshire Hathaway, which owns 70 daily newspapers in the United States.

    The aforementioned conglomerates own television networks, cable channels, film studios, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, music labels, and even many of the popular websites. These conglomerates are largely responsible for instilling social, political, economic, and moral values ​​in both adults and children in the United States.

    But it was not always so. So, if in 1880 61% of all urban daily newspapers in the United States had competitors in their city, then in 1930 - 21%, in 1940 - 13%, in the mid-1970s. - only 3%. By the end of the last century, 11 news distribution sources completely dominated the United States: three television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC), three popular magazines (Time, Newsweek, US News & World Report), three newspapers (The New York Times, The Washington Post , The Wall Street Journal), two news agencies (Associated Press and United Press International).

    And this trend is not limited to the United States. In Britain, for example, in 2017, the 10 largest companies received 70% of the revenue from the entire media industry, and the 40 largest - as much as 92% [1].

    In Australia, the situation will be arranged in a similar way. According to a study by IBISWorld [2], which was conducted in June 2016:

    “The four largest players in the industry, News Australia, Fairfax Media, Seven West Media and APN News and Media, are estimated to have generated over 90% of the industry's revenues in 2015-2016. The Australian media landscape is one of the most concentrated in the world. An extremely small number of firms, notably News Australia and Fairfax Media, publish content that the vast majority of Australians receive. ”


    #Politics #business #money #statistics # advanced statistics #books #history
    SibiKibi - editing status
    Vanguard in the final of the Gagarin Cup! Hooray!!!#Vanguard #Gagarin Cup
    I had to get out of the underground :)
    Good luck in the finals!
    * Eddard *
    * Eddard * - editing status
    Strongest streak in the final of the conference. And what a denouement. I was rooting for the Vanguard, and I will be rooting for him in the big final. Thanks to Ak Bars. It was a glorious hunt.

    #AK Bars #Vanguard #Gagarin Cup
    Evgeny Belsky
    Evgeny Belsky shared a picture - editing status
    Jason Robertson is the only remaining rival of Kirill Kaprizov in the fight for the Calder Trophy

    At different parts of the season, the Russian had different competitors: before the season - Lafreniere, Zegras, Stutzle; at the start of the season - Ty Smith, Kevin Lankinen, Kaapo Kahkonen, a little later Vitek Vanechek had a shock segment. Then the goalkeeper of "Karolina" Nedelkovic started playing unexpectedly. He's good now, but
    ... He has few games left and will not have enough time to beat the Russian's results. And for almost the entire season, the emphasis was not made on Dallas forward Jason Robertson. And now he is very actively rolling on Kaprizov.

    The American made his debut in the NHL last season, but then was not at all impressive in the "working" Dallas. Yes, and the composition of the team was then more densely packed with experienced players, and all their stars (Segin, Radulov) were healthy. This season Jason got playing time and is now making full use of it. On account of Robertson already 29 (12 + 17) points in 36 matches (Kaprizov has 34 (16 + 18) in 40 matches). Last month, Jason practically does not leave the ice without scoring points and has greatly reduced the gap with the Russian. Also, Robertson has better utility - "+12" versus "+5". The Dallas forward scored almost all of his points in equal compositions - 11 + 15. At the same time, Robertson's playing time per match is two and a half minutes less. If the American continues in the same spirit, then the trophy may quite unexpectedly float away from the hands of the Russian.
    #NHL #Dallas #Minnesota #Kirill Kaprizov

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    Hello everyone! When you start writing about something you love, it is always difficult to remain impartial. For some we are "garbage", someone calls us "bottom", but ...

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    Mironov: there was no definite opinion about Kudashov regarding work in the national team

    Dynamo defender Andrei Mironov shared his opinion on the appointment of Alexei Kudashov to the post of head coach of the Moscow club.

    Dmitry Puzyrev
    Dmitry Puzyrev shared a picture - editing status
    #Artemy Panarin broke the club record #Rangers 🦾
    Thanks to a goal at the goal #New Jersey (3-0) Russian scored 138 points (45 goals, 93 assists) in his first 100 appearances for New York and overtook #Mark Messier... Like this.
    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    Hockey. Krikunov will remain at Dynamo as a consultant

    Former head coach of Moscow "Dynamo" Vladimir Krikunov will remain in the club in a new position.

    zhirov shared - editing status
    Thank you #SKA for two series won against #Dynamo Moscow and #Dynamo Minsk, two wins over #CSKA and a gift of hope! #KHL #Gagarin Cup
    KHL | Swedish version of Taras Bulba. How SKA flew out of the Gagarin Cup

    Igor Nikitin showed his teeth.

    ARAMIS777 shared a picture - editing status
    Well, GasPremovskaya suck #SKA out!
    Bravo #CSKA!!!
    #Gagarin Cup
    ARAMIS777 shared a picture - editing status
    Must be eaten today!
    #Gagarin Cup #CSKA #SKA
    Killing shared a picture - editing status
    On April 10, 1990, the Kings set the current club scoring record in a single playoff match by scoring 12 goals against the current Stanley Cup winner! #Los Angeles #history # Wayne Gretzky
    Evgeny Belsky
    Evgeny Belsky shared a picture - editing status
    Colorado tries to avoid last year's playoff problems with goalkeepers

    Last year's problems with injuries to goalkeepers in the playoffs cost Colorado dearly, and before the current deadline, Joe Sakik worked in this direction. Moreover, it became known that Pavel Frantsouz will not appear this season.

    First was acquired by Jonas Johansson for the 6th round from Buffalo. The goalkeeper is only 25 years old and has never
    ... has featured robust games in North America. Even in the Buffalo farm, Johansson had bad statistics. In the NHL, the goalkeeper made his debut last season, but not at all impressive: only one victory in 5 games and 89.4% reflected. This season, before the transition to “avalanches”, the Swede was also not strong - 0 wins in 6 matches and 88.4% reflected. The goalkeeper started badly in Colorado, losing the first match. Then Johansson conceded 4 goals from “Arizona” and did not reflect any of the three post-match shootouts. But now he has corrected himself: he won the next two matches, dried Anaheim and raised his statistics in the Colorado to 92% reflected.

    But going to the playoffs with a young and inexperienced backup is a big risk. Yes, and the mistakes of the last season were taken into account and it is better to play it safe once again. Therefore, “Colorado” has acquired another goalkeeper - experienced Devan Dubnik from “San Jose”. They gave up for goalkeeper Greg Paterin with an expiring contract and the 5th round of 2022. An experienced Canadian, of course, is not the same as he was a couple of years ago. Devan's game is no longer so reliable and he turned from the first number into a backup. But his experience and skills could prove useful in the playoffs when Grubauer may need rest. This season Dubnik looks stronger than in the past, and this with all the troubles of "sharks" when playing on the defensive.

    #NHL #Colorado # Stanley Cup

    Blanco ™ ️
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    Congratulations on the World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day! I wish you high and happy flights in life, interesting and important discoveries in activity, optimistic mood and correct settings only for victory, wonderful ideas and constant conquest of more and more spaces of the mysterious space! 🛰 🌏 🚀🪐🌠

    #http: // #Yuri Gagarin #Gagarin Cup #fans #Real Madrid
    ... #stadium named after Yuri Gagarin # USSR national team
    ::: Sputnik V :::
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    🚀 #Space #Gagarin Cup #stadium named after Yuri Gagarin # USSR national team #Progress #history

    Here we go? Happy Cosmonautics Day, friends. Happy 60th anniversary of the last real breakthrough in the history of mankind.

    “108 minutes of flight into space, or how #Yuri Gagarinbecame the ambassador of two hundred million people up, into the sky, into the future. Just imagine: first become the main force that broke fascism, and
    ... 16 years later - to jerk into space! ...

    ... On the Runet there are popular #memeswith Gagarin: “Hello, descendants! How are you there? Have you landed on Mars? "

    And don't ask, Uncle Yur. We are now free, we are now progressive, we are now living in British comics. All right. Hello to the stars ... "

    Watch in the video 👇

    #http: // #the Internet #social network #skaters on social networks #biathletes on social networks #technologies #books #psychology #Politics #Rules of life #films
    Lesson number 136. Gagarin: "Hello, descendants! How are you there?" "Zakhar Prilepin. Russian Lessons"

    108 minutes of flight into space, or How Yuri Gagarin became the ambassador of two hundred million people up into the sky, into the future. Just imagine: first become the main ...

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