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Johannes Bo

Johannes Bo

Johannes thingnes bo
Place in season 2020/2021
Born May 16, 1993 | 27 years
Citizenship Norway
12 April 16:27 |Tribune|Blog International sports

Psychology of Russian biathlon

What drives the eternal excuses for the failures of Russian biathletes and just Russian athletes?

Rating +37
April 9, 21:05 |Tribune|Blog Biathlon numbers and letters

Top 50 Pursuit Biathletes of the Past 20 Years

Hello everyone, less than a year has passed (although no, it has already passed), but nevertheless, better late than never, and today, as you already understood from the title, I want to present you with the continuation of my statistical series of materials.

Rating +14
26 March 18:20 |Tribune|Blog Who in the world is the strongest?

Runway score. After season 2020/21

Tarjei Bo is already in the top 10 in the history of men's biathlon. Tiril Eckhoff and Quentin Fillon Maillet also continue to climb the historic staircase.

Rating +21

TOP 10

The TOP-10 of the overall standings of the World Cup is the elite of the world biathlon. The conditional title of top biathlete is subjective, but if you are not in the TOP-10, you can hardly call yourself “TOP”.

Rating +12
23 March 21:19 |Tribune|Blog Biathlon World

5 results of the 2020/2021 season

The instructions and the bubble, which the IBU developed with the help of health experts before the start of the season, proved to be very effective. Thanks to them, a season became possible in which Tiril Eckhoff won 13 victories and won her first overall title, JT Boe withstood the attacks of Sturla Kholm Legrade during the season, and Dinara Alimbekova and Legrade won the blue jerseys at the end of the competition in Östersund as the best athletes of the season. under 25 years of age.

Rating +36