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Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton
Place in season 2021
Born January 7, 1985 | 36 years
Citizenship Great Britain
Stable Mercedes
Height and weight 174|74
20 april 18:23 |Tribune|Blog Motorsport News

Battle for "a place in a Mercedes". Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix review with riders commentary

Hamilton vs. Verstappen, McLaren vs. Ferrari, Russell vs. Bottas

Rating +10
19 april 18:46 |Tribune|Blog Magripa Haripullaevna

F1. Bottas and Russell are ready to crash into a cake for the first Mercedes number

A terrible accident helped Lewis level the circle backlog and minimize points losses relative to Verstappen

Rating +16
18 april 21:56 |Tribune|Blog F1 is the queen of motorsport!

Overview of the race in Imola. Hamilton was wrong and broke through, Verstappen and Norris were good, and for Vettel again a nightmare

Max Verstappen won the second Grand Prix of the year at Imola. In a chaotic race, Lewis Hamilton took second place rather safely. A brutal incident involving Valtteri Bottas and George Russell darkened a crime thriller in Emilia Romagna.

Rating +21