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UEFA Europa League
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UEFA Europa League

UEFA Europa League
Location Europe
The last winner Seville
20 april 19:31 |Tribune|Blog Terrace Football Culture

A fan's view of the Super League

🏟 We consider the creation of the Super League through the romantic prism of fanaticism and the difference between European and American civilization. We touch on the problem of aging of the football audience in view of the spread of clip thinking 📺

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20 april 16:58 |Tribune|Blog Agent Mauricio Pochettino

European Super League: a new era of modern football

"The Athletic" tells what the Super League is and what awaits us in the foreseeable future

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20 april 09:05 |Tribune|Blog Dobro

Florentino Perez's big interview about the Super League

This is my first time in this program. And maybe for the last time

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19 april 22:10 |Tribune|Blog PRO football


How did fans react to the new tournament?

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April 19, 21:00 |Tribune|Blog Amateurlook

And again about the European Super League

The other day, as everyone has already heard, 12 top clubs want to organize their own league. FIFA and UEFA immediately replied that those players who will be involved there will not be able to play for their national teams, as well as clubs will be excluded from their national championships ...

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19 April 10:31 |Tribune|Blog Captain Feint

The Super League is money-money-money. Who will earn and how much and why is PSG not participating (yet)?

How much will TV rights cost? How will the income from them be distributed? How much will each of the participants receive?

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