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20 april 11:51 |Tribune|Blog Sports.Lv

Theodors Blugers scores goal but Pittsburgh lost to underdog Buffalo

Latvian forward Theodors Blugers scored 50 points in the NHL championships, but his Pittsburgh Penguins failed to beat the worst NHL team in recent years, the Buffalo Sabers.

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18 April 12:25 |Tribune|Blog Sports.Lv

Theodore Blugers and Rudolf Balzers have an assist, and Elvis Merzlikin's Columbus continues to lose

Pittsburgh's Latvian striker Theodor Blugers scored an assist against Buffalo. San Jose striker Rudolph Balzers scored an assist against Minnesota. Columbus goalkeeper Elvis Merzlikin entered the game on 34 minutes, but the team was unable to return to this match.

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13 April 00:05 |Tribune|Blog Puck Stick Two Skates

The ultimate guide to the NHL deadline. Who was exchanged for where and why?

Summing up the recent deadline for exchanges in the NHL and discussing the most important of them.

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11 April 20:36 |Tribune|Blog NHL Rumors

NHL Rumors. April 11, 2021

New batch of rumors for the 2020/21 season.

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