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Premier League Russia
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Russian Football Championship 2020/2021: Premier League Russia
Location Russia
The last winner Zenith
20 april 18:24 |Tribune|Blog Blue-White-Blue Fontanka

Not a word about the championship

While everyone is discussing what exactly the Super League will bring to our lives, or how it will have to make room for national championships and domestic competition. While everyone is discussing what kind of gorgeous gift Spartak gave to its owner. Somehow very quietly the crazy and bright match of bulls and lions passed "as always" ...

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20 april 18:24 |Tribune|Blog Important for the few

And what about Rostov?

This weekend FC Rostov suffered another defeat, controversial in the score (taking into account the referee's mistakes), but not very controversial in nature. This defeat for Rostovites became the third in a row and finally confirmed the lack of European Cup ambitions of the team for the upcoming season.

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April 20 14:30|https://www.sport-s.net |Special project

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April 20 11:37 |Tribune|Blog Kazakhstani legionaries | KZ ©

RPL, Belgium, Germany, Spain: updated list of Kazakhstanis who play abroad

From Zainutdinov and Merkel to Zhukov and Vorogovsky.

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