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Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova
Was born April 19, 1987 | 34 years
Citizenship Russia
Height and weight 188|59
20 april 08:11 |Tribune|Blog Nasha masha

Flowers, flowers ...)))

To thank Alexander for the flowers is a noble cause!

Rating +31
19 April 08:57 |Tribune|Blog Girl of the day

Birthday girl of the day. Maria Sharapova

April 19 Mary turns 34 years old

Rating +140
19 april 08:07 |Tribune|Blog Nasha masha

Perfect little vacation

While we were counting on a wide celebration of the birthday, Masha quietly slipped into the Vaka mountains

Rating +37
19 april 00:31 |Tribune|Blog Nasha masha

Happy birthday to Masha!

Rating +19
18 April 21:59 |Tribune|Blog Nasha masha

Birthday preparation!

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6 April 21:49 |Tribune|Blog Tennis for everyone

From Sharapova to Tomlyanovich: what is known about the new ward of Vladimir Volchkov?

The specialist has been cooperating with the representative of Australia from November 2020

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