19 April 08:08 |Tribune|Blog Mini-football club LKS

The voting for "The best player of the IFC LKS 2020/21 according to the fans' version" has started

The final list included 10 candidates who were most often recognized as the best players in matches and won the voting for the best player of the month

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16 april 09:32 |Tribune|Blog Mini-football club LKS

Statistics of MFC LKS players in the season 2020/21

Individual indicators of the players of the mini-football club LKS in the season 2020/21

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15 april 11:07 |Tribune|Blog MFC Ukhta

Bruno: "As a surgeon, I just do what is required of me - I score goals."

Brazilian legionary about acclimatization in Ukhta, his playing style and hobbies in Russia.

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15 April 09:45 |Tribune|Blog Mini-football club LKS

Futsal: All Parimatch Major League Quarter-Finals Return Goals

Only clubs from the western conference reached the semifinals

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14 April 09:22 |Tribune|Blog Mini-football club LKS

Pupils of DUK LKS became winners of the Lipetsk Region Championship

The team of the LKS children's and youth club took 1st place in the Lipetsk region championship in mini-football among youth teams born in 2012/13.

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13 April 09:56 |Tribune|Blog Mini-football club LKS

Mini-football club LKS in the season 2020/21

Statistics of the Lipetsk team's performance in Parimatch - Russian Premier League

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12 April 09:24 |Tribune|Blog Mini-football club LKS

Mini-football: all goals of the first games of the quarter-finals of Parimatch - Major League

At this stage of the playoffs, the clubs of the western and eastern conferences converged in confrontations

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