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USA National Figure Skating Team

USA National Figure Skating Team

Country USA
18 april 11:03 |Blog Figured ice

Freaky demonstrative Italians: an angel with wings and a devil with horns rode, Della Monica slapped Guarise in the ass with a trident

Demonstration performances were held at the World Figure Skating Team Championship. The most original number came from the Italians Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise. The couple showed a play in which the confrontation between the angel and the devil was resolved peacefully. What won: good or evil? The partner started the act, “Seduction by the Devil,” alone. Della Monica got a negative character. The costume matched the image: black leggings, a short red top, horns on the head, a trident in his hands and long claws. They also thought over the musical accompaniment - Nicole skated under ...

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