Kasatkina about a parody of Dziuba's intimate video: "I remembered that we have a photo where we give each other five with the same right hand."

Former 10th racket of the world Daria Kasatkina in an interview with https://www.sport-s.net she answered how she came up with a parody of an intimate video leaked to the network Artem Dziuba (the timecode of Kasatkina's video is 49:39).

- Somehow very easy, right away.

- You played tennis with him in St. Petersburg, then this story happened with his home video, let's say, and this brilliant video was born.

- And I remembered that we have a photo with him, where we [give each other five] with that very right hand. And I think, damn it, why not have fun? Well, I was funny.

Dziuba loves tennis and Federer. Because of "Rogik" I was almost late for training once

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