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Watching the 2020/21 Candidates Tournament, Round 9. Derby of Russia: Grischuk vs Nepomniachtchi. Alekseenko must stop Caruana!

The first round in Yekaterinburg after the resumption of the game confused all the cards. Caruana overthrew Vachier-Lagrave from the pedestaland rushed in pursuit of Nepomniachtchi, while Alekseenko ruined Grischuk's pretender hopes. TodayCyril can help Jan, who became the sole leader of the tournament, in a game with his American rival. He has white, but ... Fabiano is very strong and is determined to take this game as the last in his life. In general, we are waiting for the heat!

The position of the participants after the 8th round: one. Nepomniachtchi(Russia) - 5; 2-3. Vachier-Lagrave (France), Caruana (USA) - 4.5; 4-5. Giri (Holland), Wang Hao (China) - 4; 6-7.Grischuk, Alekseenko(both - Russia) - 3.5; 8. Ding Liren (China) - 3.

In the ninth round they meet: Alekseenko - Caruana Grischuk - Nepomniachtchi Ding Liren - Vachier-Lagrave Giri - Wang Hao

The largest Russian-language sports portal - https://www.sport-s.net and the best chess channel - Levitov Chess every day will conduct an exclusive broadcast of the tournament games.

Commentators - 14th world champion Vladimir Kramnik and founder of the Levitov Chess community Ilya Levitov... The leading chess players of the world will be the guests of the studio. In the ninth round - one of the strongest grandmasters of the world in the 1990s, Kramnik's secondEvgeny Bareev...

Tour start - at 14:00 Moscow time!

The live broadcast will begin At 12:00when the grandmaster acts as a warm-up Alexander Shimanov... You can play blitz with him or ask a question from the Levitov Chess channel.

Main feature ethers - you can guess the movesgrandmasters! The three best in this competition will become the owners of the new onesApple iPhone 12... And seven more will receive sweatshirts from Levitov Chess. ...

Bookmaker odds to win the tournament before the 9th round: Caruana - 2.25 (before the 8th round it was 4.00); Nepomniachtchi - 2.75 (2.75); Vachier-Lagrave - 5.00(3.00); Weights - 11.00 (7.00); Wang Hao and Ding Liren - 21.00; Grischuk - 25.00; Alekseenko - 101.00.

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