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The Super League logo is primitive - against the background of the great Champions League sign, this is really bad

Doesn't pull on a project worth several billion.

The European Super League is a new tournament created by 12 top European clubs. They promise to start in August. They say that the budget will be more than 4 billion euros, which will be divided between the founding clubs.

But still there is a feeling that the project was forced in defiance of UEFA - there are too few details and official statements from the representatives of the tournament. Even the design still looks rather weak for the Super League, in which the best teams in Europe participate.

Here is the logo from the official twitter. Looks like a pitiful Champions League squabble.

The identity (the general image used by the brand in social networks) is also not so bright and memorable yet. To some, it resembles the design of the menu in FIFA 21, to others, the central circle with the center line of the field cutting it diagonally resembled a stop sign.

We asked our designer Matvey Medvedev to evaluate the graphic design of the Super League:

“The navy blue, the elegant ball of stars, the anthem - all of this created a sense of occult thrill during the Champions League match. UEFA has been very sensitive to the look and feel of its flagship product and has continually developed it (new fonts and shades were introduced in 2018).

The design of the Champions League resembles the architecture of a good theater and serves as a make-up: even small clubs (like Slavia) looked like serious actors.

The Super League comes to us without a clear identity. Primitive gradients and outlined letters are outdated techniques from the season before last. Designers were in a hurry to submit layouts by the night of April 19.

Any thought can be conveyed through design. The € 4 billion project is still faceless. This detail raises doubts - isn't all this prank at all? "

The Champions League logo is legendary. It has hardly been changed for 30 years

Comparison with the classic Champions League suggests itself - the tournament has an ideal and very recognizable media image. Everyone knows what the Champions League looks and sounds like.

In 1991, UEFA entrusted the rebranding of the TEAM marketing company, which came up with the anthem, logo and other little things - including the number of official sponsors of the tournament and the size of the advertising space at the stadium.

The logo is a special pride. TEAM and UEFA held a competition and selected an option from Design Bridge founder Phil Clements. The designer made minor edits and got a symbol that has been used for 30 years.

The logo has gone through several small redesigns that are invisible to the common man, but the basis remains the same. Clements himself believes that the point is versatility - the stars are clearly visible on any background, on any surface. In 2000, the stars from the logo also hit the official ball of the tournament.

“I thought that over time it would be remodeled, but it has become a cult. I am very pleased that he still has not changed dramatically. "

In 1999, TEAM reported that 94% of football fans would recognize the Champions League logo. “If you show them a star ball without the Champions League signature, almost everyone will recognize it. This suggests that the logo has become an absolutely independent symbol of the tournament, ”said TEAM CEO Richard Ward.

Against the background of the work that UEFA has done during the creation of the Champions League brand, the project of the multibillion-dollar Super League looks very weak.

The Champions League logo is an example of perfect design. It hasn't changed much for 30 years.

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