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Superleague clubs are on fire: coaches and players against, from City, Liverpool and Chelsea insiders about the withdrawal from the project

Only Pirlo spoke out positively.

The leaders of 12 Superleague clubs say almost nothing: except for the initial press release of the new tournament and the big interview Florentino Perez, from the teams so far only the coaches-players of four have indicated their position - three of them are negative.

Apparently, they - like you and I - did not know anything in advance either.

• Solskjaer was the first to hit - Manchester United last played on Sunday. Instead of discussing Greenwood's magnificent double, the Norwegian had to answer a question about the Super League, to which he clearly did not prepare an answer: the coach nervously folded his hands in the castle and replied that he learned everything from the news and expects statements from the club.

• On Monday Klopp was more specific... Before the match against Leeds in the Premier League, he assured that he did not change his mind about the Super League (“I hope there will be no Super League. Football has a great product in the form of the Champions League and the Europa League,” Jurgen said from 2019).

“My opinion has not changed. I first heard about this yesterday. I tried to prepare for a difficult game. We got some information, but not much. It's hard. People are not happy, I understand. I cannot say more, because the players and I are not involved in this process. We - neither I nor the players - knew nothing about this. Let's see where this leads.

I don't know why 12 clubs did what they did. I know that some things will change in the future - and they must change, I have no doubt about that. The way power is distributed now is simply wrong.

Everybody comes up with new competitions. Club World Cup in a new form, whenever it happens, is also created only for the sake of money. And all this has already been done.

It's just that you usually have to cook better for things like the Super League. But I also understand that people are unhappy with the lack of sports criteria for selection to the Super League - and I understand their position, ”says the German.

Guardiola is even tougher...

“I found out about this a few hours before the official announcement, like most of my colleagues. I was told they were issuing a statement. And so it was released, but no one clarifies the details of what will be created.

I would love to watch the president of the committee come out and tell the whole world how we came to this decision. It is necessary to clarify why these teams were chosen, and not others, like, for example, Ajax, which has 4 or 5 Champions Cups. They need to clarify this.

I support my club. I love being a part of it. But I have my own opinion. For now, this is just a statement. This is why coaches are in an awkward position.

If success is guaranteed or it doesn't matter whether you lose or not, this is not a sport. I don't know if the statement will change, if 4-5 teams will be eliminated. No, because this is an embryo that is not breathing yet. This is just a statement.

We will be playing in the Champions League next week and will try to make it to the final next season. We want to play in Europe because we deserve it, ”said Pep.

Players have the same feelings...

“Like everyone else, I have a lot of questions. I can only express my opinion. I don't like [the Super League idea], I hope it won't. I can imagine that they are talking about this, and, most likely, I agree with a lot.

The current system has been working well for a long time. What made her special is what we have achieved in recent years. First, we earned the right to win the Champions League, then the Premier League. The product we have now is very good, ”admitted James Milner.

• Bruno Fernandes posted the post of compatriot Daniel Podense from Wolverhampton in his story, listing the best moments of the Champions League and signed “Dreams cannot be bought ❤”.

João Canselo also supported the post: he responded with applause in the comments.

• Marcus Rashford didn't write anything - he just posted a photo with Matt Busby's quote “Football is nothing without fans”.

• Ed Woodward only met with players and coaches on Monday morning. Manchester United captain Harry Maguire ran into the manager because the players learned about the Super League from the media, and the management threw Solskjaer to the mercy of the press.

• According to the Daily Mail, a meeting of all Premier League captains will take place on Wednesday, where representatives of the clubs will discuss the response to the Super League. It was convened by Jordan Henderson.

• The mood of the representatives of the clubs is perfectly conveyed by the inside from Sky Sports: the coaches of the splinter clubs are angry that they have been put under fire by the media. They, as well as the players and even some members of the board, were not aware of the Super League's plans.

“I asked one leader if someone would leave the project:“ No. Not yet. But the longer it lasts, the harder it will be to resist, "wrote journalist Kave Solekol.

Chelsea and City doubt Super League participation, according to The Guardian... The founders are divided into two camps: those who will stand for the idea to the end, and those who have joined the Super League, seeing this as a financial benefit. Chelsea and City are in the second group, so the backlash from FIFA, UEFA and the fans made them questionable.

The Times also says that one of the English clubs may withdraw from the project. Bild clarifies: we are talking about Liverpool.

• On Tuesday, 14 Premier League clubs (minus the Superleague six) held an emergency meeting. Here's the bottom line:

“14 clubs at the meeting strongly and unanimously rejected the competition plans. The Premier League is considering all possible measures to prevent it, as well as to hold accountable the shareholders involved in this in accordance with its rules. "

Only Andrea Pirlo spoke for the Super League - but he also admitted that everything was explained to the team after the fact...

“This morning Agnelli came to our base to talk to the team. We see the president almost every day, he was always with the team. He explained this project to us, he instilled in us confidence in the Super League, ”said the Juventus coach.

Then he nervously added, “Let's get back to football. As I said, the president is on the front line, he will explain how other presidents are doing, I am not the best person to explain all this. "

Can someone from the management of the clubs?

"I won't get any benefit from the Super League - I just want to save football." Perez gave a program interview

Fans are fighting against the Super League: they come out with banners, demand to expel the greedy owners, and someone cuts the season tickets

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