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Chelsea and Man City are eliminated from the Super League. Online collapse

The idea of ​​the Super League did not last even two days.

• According to the BBC and The Athletic, Chelsea are the first to leave the Super League, and the club's office is already preparing documents for the structure of Andrea Agnelli and Florentino Perez. Club president Bruce Buck met with players and coaches today to discuss the situation - and after this meeting Chelsea began their formal withdrawal from the Super League.

• Literally half an hour after the first information about Chelsea's position change, detailed insiders about the Super League exit came from Manchester City.

The brightest right now is at Stamford Bridge, where Chelsea are playing Brighton today.

The fans started gathering a few hours ago - and soon they filled the space near the stadium so that the team bus could not drive up to it.

Petr Cech even went out to the protesters with the words “I understand everything. Give us time. And now the team needs to come to the game, we can't help but play. " The protesters did not disperse, and the news of Chelsea's withdrawal was greeted with an oooooo powerful ovation.

This is how Chelsea fans reacted when someone in the crowd read the news that the exit documents were being prepared. Sounds like a celebration of the championship. And in parallel, Florentino Perez is also sent there where necessary.

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Photo: / AP Photo / Matt Dunham

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