The power of the wind

An active guide to Sochi. Cable car, arboretum and fried khinkali

What to see and where to eat in the resort town?

Hello everyone, and it's time to go to one of the sunniest cities in Russia. And the "Power of the Wind" on will tell you what to do there, besides sailing.

So, we love Sochi. All year round we hold a sailing camp there (both a five-day one and an intensive weekend), and in May and November we organize a grandiose Big Camp - in six days there you will learn all the most important about boat management, and you can also take part in races on sports yachts. ... The program on the water will be intense, but we also offer to spend our free time in Sochi only in the best and favorite places, which for convenience we decided to collect in a small guide. Keep it bookmarked, advise your friends and suggest your ideas, and we will regularly update the guide on the site.

Central market

St. Moscow, 22

What characterizes the south of Russia best of all? Of course, household economy and real market relations. There are practically no price tags here, but there are a lot of churchkhela, which should be used. Otherwise, it is better to enjoy the old buildings made in the 1950s, and for a greater immersion in aesthetics, go to the market on Fabricius, or even to Cossack.

Sanatorium Ordzhonikidze

Kurortny prospect, 96, bldg. five

Once a resting place for miners, and now an amazingly abandoned example of the Stalinist Empire style - the sanatorium now has no infrastructure, and the entrance is through a lone security point. But, once inside, you can see a beautiful fountain with antique nymphs, and colonnades successfully overgrown with moss and ivy. They say that sooner or later the sanatorium will be reconstructed, and even then life will boil in it. However, even now it is perfect for exploring walks.

Cable car

Pushkin Ave., 8

The local funicular is just a starting point to the picturesque arboretum, but time seems to have stopped here. While you are waiting for the booth that will send you to the top of the natural park, take a walk along the spans, masterpieces of Soviet brutalism, and feel like the hero of Gaidai's film. A little further away, there is the Rose Flower Pavilion, built in the 1970s, which also seems to take you to another time.


St. Jan Fabricius, 33

Perhaps, the main park of the city: from the top point there is an excellent view of Sochi, and just below is the villa "Nadezhda" - an amazing for Russia estate among palm trees with various sculptural ensembles. Somewhere on the outskirts you can even find an ostrich farm, so if you manage to allocate two or three hours, then you are definitely here.

Olympic park

Adler district, Imeretinskaya lowland

Any Olympic object is a pavilion for filming reality, according to the architect Grigory Revzin. Over time, the built stadiums are lost in the thickets, and the infrastructure becomes more complicated every year. But in Sochi, sports life makes its way despite the circumstances - the football team still arrives here, and the local hockey club sometimes makes noise in the league. The scale of the historical moment of 2014 is still felt here, and at least for this it is worth getting to the park.

White rocks

S. Krasnaya Volya, st. Lesnaya

25 kilometers from the center of Sochi, you can find a delightful canyon with tiny pebble beaches, where no one will bother you for sure. It is difficult to get lost here - despite the vast territory, the hiking trails are well marked. Otherwise, there is everything for a brisk hike: the noise of mountain rivers, steep paths and even meadows for halts.

Swimming pool "Laura"

Estosadok, st. Achipsinskaya, 16

Most of the relaxing activities are in the Krasnaya Polyana resort. Here you can also find the outdoor pools of the Gazprom recreation center with a spa area and gorgeous views of the mountains. In places it resembles the legendary baths in Budapest, and you can relax here in the same way.

Yew-Boxwood Grove

Hosta, st. Boxwood

In Khost there is a relic forest, preserved from the pre-glacial era. Some species of native plants existed here tens of millions of years ago. Now in the grove you can get to the wild caves, find an ancient fortress that guarded the entire city, and it is worth stopping at the base near the Devil's Gate canyon. There are not so many animals here, but there are enough snakes, so be careful at picnics.

Where to eat

“What? Kharcho! "

"Rosa Khutor", st. Olympic, 35

A more advanced version of the khinkali of the local branch of the White Rabbit Family. In addition to them, there is also fried fish, which is served in cast iron pots, and such khachapuri, for which the institution wants to slap Michelin stars, and more.

"Dolphin and Mermaid"

st. Voikova, 1

In the old seaport building (the main departure point of the Big Sailing Camp), there is a well-groomed restaurant with an equally eclectic menu. Even if you're not a foodie, the view of the marina pays for it all. You can come here after each workout, take signature tea and admire the water.

Old Boys in Medoveevka

Medoveevka, st. Medoveevskaya, 19

For excellent craft beer, it is worth going up to Krasnaya Polyana, or more precisely, to the mountain village of Medoveevka. This is a pub in its oldest understanding - there is a hotel for travelers who rest over a pint or two. The food here is also notable: it is felt that one of the founders has exchanged life in the metropolis for the creation of comfort in the provinces.

"Sperm whale"

st. Ordzhonikidze, 24, bldg. one

How can you come to Sochi, on the Black Sea coast, and not try seafood? The local oyster bar has a range of wild seafood, from sea urchin to spisula and anadara. All this can be washed down with signature cocktails and watch the bustle of the open kitchen.

"White Nights"

st. Ordzhonikidze, 9

This place is so legendary that it has set many people on edge. However, to assess the Sochi chic and color, you need to go here. The menu includes the famous khinkali, to which they bring white and red sauces, and at the neighboring tables - local families and stately visitors eating khachapuri with hodgepodge and kharcho. A hearty, high-calorie meal ideal for post-workout recuperation.

What they say about Sochi

Yaroslav Dementyev

Creative producer, lives in Sochi for six months

Two and a half hours, and you find yourself in a different climate. It's like driving to St. Petersburg on the "Sapsan", only here the sea and mountains. Even in the worst weather, it is not as dull as in the metropolis, and almost the largest number of sunny days in a year. It is interesting that people really have a tradition to go to the sea in the evening and watch the sunset. There is a cafe where you can work with a cool view, and in an hour you can get to Krasnaya Polyana and walk in the mountains, and then go to the bathhouse.

Gleb Isaenkov

Captain of the Wind Force, has lived in Sochi for six years

It's cool here, because the difference in the city before the Olympics and after is more and more obvious. Investments in the city are paying off, there are many more creative guys who are opening cafes and new places. Competition is growing from this, and all sorts of archaic hotels and restaurants simply leave the market. Ten years ago, Sochi could only attract tourists by the sea, mountains and palm trees. And now all the stereotypes like churchkhela on the beaches, hucksters and beer bottles on the pier are a thing of the past.

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