Kasatkina is as honest as possible: I almost finished playing tennis in 2019, reads comments about weight, not against a relationship with a girl

And fried meat with Arthur when he was at Barça.

Ex-player top 10 Daria Kasatkina spent a couple of years in a protracted sophomore recession, a crisis that usually comes with young players after a big break.

In 2021, Kasatkina's crisis ended: since the beginning of the year, she cut her rating by half, winning two WTA titles in a month (before that, two in her entire career). At the end of this striking segment, Daria met and Match TV host Sonya Tartakova in her native Togliatti and said:

🏚 how I grew up to be a top tennis player in the criminal capital of Russia in the 2000s, where you could “get hit in the head” because you entered the wrong quarter and was full of heroin addicts;

🥞 about your highest weight and fat shaming in social networks;

😤 resentment against the coach Philippe Dejas, with whom they were considered an ideal team, and then after an offensive defeat he offered to change her profession;

😨 what does the stupor look like, sometimes occurring in serving matches (a monologue full of pain and self-irony);

⛔️ how at the age of 21 she decided to end her career and punished herself for it;

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼 about same-sex relationships in women's tennis and their acceptability for themselves;

🙏🏽 about a couple of memorable "fives": with Artem Dziuba and Rafael Nadal, - and steaks with Arthur Melo.



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