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Ivica Olic scored in the first match for CSKA. The announcer distorted his name, and Gazzayev was jumping on the edge of anger

Ivica Olic came to CSKA in the summer of 2003 - before the legendary matches with Vardar in the Champions League qualification. CSKA bought the 24-year-old striker from Dynamo Zagreb for 5 million euros.

Olic's debut took place just between the games with the Macedonian superclub. On August 2, 2003, CSKA, who was confidently leading in the championship, arrived in Yaroslavl. By the 19th round, Shinnik lagged behind the second place by only three points, the team of Alexander Pobegalov was seriously fighting for the European cups, so the guests had a very hard time.

Martin Kushev opened the scoring already in the 8th minute, and before the break, Shinnik was closer to the second goal than CSKA to restore balance.

But at the very beginning of the second half, Olic received the ball from Denis Yevsikov, ran away from defender Rakhmatullo Fuzailov and shot into the near corner of Yevgeny Safonov's goal. Oh, what surnames!

An accurate shot of the newcomer saved a draw for CSKA. The announcer of the Shinnik stadium announced the guests' goal as follows: "The ball was scored by Ovich Ilica"...

Take a look at the review. It seems that the players for all 90 minutes did nothing but begged the referee for a penalty, and Valery Gazzaev could be muzzled at the end of the game.

Four days later, CSKA finally went wild in Skopje. The fans were consoled by only one thing: the club acquired a really tough striker. In 10 games to the end of the season, Olic scored 7 goals and helped the team become the champion for the first time since 1991.

This is how the career of the current CSKA coach began.

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