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    Red tea
    Red tea shared a picture - editing status
    # Europe Super League and her story
    Hollywood hogan
    Hollywood hogan - editing status
    "Football will die if not the Super League" - voiced by Florentino Perez the position of the owners of the top clubs.
    No, Flo, football cannot die, paradoxically!
    This is an immortal game that people will be interested in regardless of whether Real is now setting fashion, Santos, Athletic Bilbao, Sampdoria or Dynamo Kiev. Only business projects based on football can die, which top clubs without
    ... doubts are.
    And I am amused how easily the equal sign between business projects and football itself is instilled into the masses.
    The owners are fighting for the business, for survival, so as not to die like Saturn, Amkar or Moscow - yes, it seems that for the conventional Real / Barcelona such a scenario is impossible, but in fact - the loss of profitability will not allow them to be the same as they were before - not will allow you to remain centers of power.
    The Super League project is an old man's struggle with inevitable death. The centers of power do not want to lose money, they are afraid of losing their status, but if you look at history, how many great clubs have stayed at the top and left the achieved positions? Millwall, Sampdoria, Leeds, Valencia, Dynamo Kiev - amateurs and experts remember very well. And you know, I think it's great. Make way for the young, make way for new centers of power!
    Marguerite de Valois
    Marguerite de Valois shared a picture - editing status

    "With love" ❤

    During demonstration performances at KChM-21 Yuzuru signed a banner
    Italian figure skater Ginevra Negrello. #Ginevra Lavinia Negrello #Yuzuru Hanyu
    Football Day
    Football Day - editing status
    vzlet - editing status
    # Europe Super Leagueshowed the scale of stupidity, arrogance, blinkeredness of people watching football. The same people simply tore UEFA and FIFA for their shoals, but as soon as the managers of the best clubs on the planet lost their patience from the unprofessionalism of football bureaucrats, observers were immediately led to heart-rending cries of "inequality" and "sports principles"
    Federations provided exactly 0 assistance to clubs
    ... in a crisis situation, leaving them alone with their problems, but as soon as they found an opportunity to preserve their clubs, and this issue now stands precisely with this wording, they immediately turned on all their capabilities to preserve their power.
    I really hope that everyone who is involved in # Europe Super League will be able to bring their project to implementation, and show everyone how mediocre, nasty and stupid UEFA and FIFA used their powers.
    #Tottenham #Real Madrid # Barcelona #Manchester United #Manchester city #Milan #Inter #Atletico #Juventus #Liverpool #Chelsea #Arsenal
    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    Maguire clashes with Man United vice president over Super League

    The captain of Manchester United Harry Maguire came into conflict with the vice-president of the club Ed Woodward during the meeting of the players with the management, reports ...

    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    European semi-finals will be held on schedule

    UEFA will no longer sanction clubs that decide to secede from the current football system

    Dallas-61 shared by reference - editing status
    Yo, #CSKA - this is a new punch, put me a minus, do not hide your anger))) #Krasnodar #Ivan Oblyakov # Premier League Russia #transfers
    Who is next, CSKA?

    Who is next, CSKA?

    Who is next, CSKA? - Green Bull - Blogs -

    skorpy55 shared a picture - editing status
    Ferguson: "The Super League will bury 70 years of European football"

    Former Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson has spoken out about the creation of the Super League. According to him, the traditions of European football will be buried with the start of this tournament. The Champions League is an undying classic.

    “The Super League will bury 70 years of European football. As the manager of Manchester United, my team and I made four
    ... Champions League final. These were special matches for me and the players, ”Ferguson told Reuters.#Manchester United # Alex Ferguson
    skorpy55 shared a picture - editing status
    Čeferin: “Woodward called on Thursday. He said that he fully supports UEFA "

    Alexander Čeferin said that many representatives of the Super League clubs did not disclose their intentions. In particular, Manchester United vice-chairman Ed Woodward. He spoke with the UEFA president just a few days ago.

    “I'll start with Woodward. I have worked as a criminal defense lawyer for 24 years, but there are no such people yet.
    ... saw. On Thursday, he called me and said that he was very pleased with the UEFA reforms. Announced full support. Obviously, then he had already signed something, ”Čeferin summed up.#Alexander Cheferin #Manchester United # Ed Woodward
    skorpy55 shared a picture - editing status
    "They need to be kicked out of the country." Neville toured hosts Manchester United

    Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville spoke out against the current owners of Manchester United. Recall that the Old Trafford club belongs to the American Glazer family.

    “I could accept it if they just took the dividends. But this is not enough for them. This is a family of vultures. They need to be kicked out not only from Old Trafford,
    ... but also expel from our country.

    This evil must be stopped. The Glazers have created a closed store (Super League - ed.), Where they will be guaranteed to play. This is wrong and dishonest, ”said Gary Neville.#Manchester United #Gary Neville #Glazers
    skorpy55 shared a picture - editing status
    Manchester United footballers are unhappy with the club's participation in the Super League

    Manchester United players are outraged that a club with Old Trafford has become a member of the Super League. This is reported by the British press.

    The footballers are shocked that they learned about everything after the fact. Nobody asked their opinion.

    According to the source, today Ed Woodward (Managing Director of Manchester United) held a meeting with the team, but his
    ... the arguments in favor of the decision of the club's management did not convince the players. #Manchester United
    skorpy55 shared a picture - editing status
    Cavani tells Manchester United that he will leave the club at the end of the season

    Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani has decided to leave the English club. Reported by the journalists of the Doble Amarilla edition.

    It is noted that the footballer announced his decision after the victory over Burnley (3: 1). Cavani wants to move to South America to be closer to his family.

    Recall that Cavani was interested in services
    ... Argentine "Boca Juniors". #Manchester United # Edinson Cavani
    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    Ferdinand criticized United for participating in the "soccer war"

    The founders also include three Spanish and three Italian teams, with three more clubs to join in the future. However, this news was met ...

    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    Morozov: Dynamo were pleased, and Spartak spoiled the holiday. I am very glad

    Ufa defender Grigory Morozov, who played for Dynamo, commented on the defeat of Spartak.

    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    Who is being criticized in Dynamo and for what?

    Welcome to the channel, friends! It's no secret that fans of all teams, without exception, criticize some of the players in their clubs. And the fans ...

    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    Who from Dynamo-2 already deserves to debut for the main team?

    Welcome to the channel, friends! Dynamo under Schwartz pleases its fans with a beautiful game. Sandro took an unexpected step - he began to release at the base ...

    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    FC "DYNAMO". Thoughts before the 27th round

    Sandro Schwartz - Head Coach of Dynamo Moscow Hello dear guests and subscribers of my channel. The situation before the 27th round is very mysterious. IN...

    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    Khokhlov - about the creation of the Super League: "Turn on your brains and think not only about yourself!"

    Former Dynamo coach Dmitry Khokhlov spoke about the information on the creation of the Super League.

    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    It became known how much 17-year-old Zakharyan will earn under a new contract with Dynamo

    Young midfielder Arsen Zakharyan signed a new contract with Dynamo on new terms.

    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    FC "DYNAMO". Are we cursed or not?

    A huge hello to all Dynamo players. Recently, a subscriber threw up the idea that it would be nice to figure it out, are we damned or not? And indeed. TO...

    zhirov shared - editing status
    The source says " #FIFA and #UEFA can not yet apply sanctions to clubs that intend to participate in the Super League. "The main word is for now. There is no Super League yet, there are only intentions. There is no punishment for intentions. # Europe Super League
    Madrid court banned sanctions against players, coaches and clubs who joined the Super League

    As reported in the last minutes of the media, a court in Madrid ruled that FIFA and UEFA cannot yet apply sanctions to clubs that intend to participate in ...

    skorpy55 shared - editing status
    Shipachev - about a new contract with Dynamo, haters, Znarka and a conflict with an old friend. We spoke to the best and most expensive KHL player

    The blue-and-white forward has become a guest of SE.

    Kokich shared a picture - editing status
    Sogaz-Agreement - editing status
    Anti-Corruption Foundation:
    The Prosecutor of Moscow has hidden real estate in Montenegro
    The Moscow prosecutor's office demands to recognize the Anti-Corruption Foundation as an extremist organization
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