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Euro 2020
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Euro 2021

UEFA Euro 2021 / European Football Championship 2021
Location Europe
The last winner Portugal national football team
19 april 13:54 |Tribune|Blog Curved Sheet

Galloping Europe: Belgium (Euro 2020 Guide 3/24)

Homeland of waffles, cabbage and deep-fried potatoes. It is home to the center of European politics and the filming location for the films Lay Down in Bruges and Young Ahmed.

Rating +67
18 April 10:25 |Tribune|Blog Curved Sheet

Galloping Europe: England (Guide to Euro 2020 2/24)

“I dreamed about the London sky ... We were walking there on the clouds. They pretended to be the London rain, drizzled together on the asphalt ... ", - Zemfira Talgatovna sang sadly.

Rating +11
14 April 16:06 |Tribune|Blog Curved Sheet

Galloping Europe: Austria (Euro Guide 1/24)

“Vienna, waltz, bare shoulders. Manipulations with fans, ”Shiloh said monotonously about the country in the snowy Alps.

Rating +32