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Season Team Tournament M D Pen P G + P LCD QC MIN
France. League 1 17 four 0 eight 12 one 0 48
France. League 1 25 3 0 four 7 four one 82
France. League 1 thirty 3 0 3 6 7 one 76
Russia. Premier League 27 five 0 four nine eight 0 84
Russia. Premier League thirty 3 0 four 7 3 0 84
Russia. Championship of youth teams one 0 0 0 0 0 0 46
Russia. Premier League 17 one 0 0 one 0 0 37
Russia. Premier League 7 0 0 one one 0 0 eighteen
Russia. Championship of youth teams fifteen 2 0 0 2 0 0 72
Russia. Championship of youth teams eighteen one 0 0 one 2 0 58
Career metrics 187 22 0 24 46 25 2 69
14 April 00:20 |Tribune|Blog Football show

Alexander Golovin gave more assists than Mbappe

The Russian footballer is ahead of Mbappe in the number of assists.

Rating +9
10 april 11:03 |Tribune|Blog CSKA - Online

Transfermarkt: Alexander Golovin has risen in price by € 4 million

The midfielder of Monaco and the Russian national team Alexander Golovin added to the transfer fee.

Rating +17
6 April 22:15 |Tribune|Blog CSKA - Online

"His ball control is fun." What they write about Golovin's game in France

Opinions of the French media and fans about the Russian and the performance of Monaco against Metz (4: 0).

Rating +13
3 April 11:48 |Tribune|Blog SRSG

Seven reasons for Cherchesov's resignation

After the away defeat of the Russian national team in the away match against Slovakia for the selection of the World Cup, calls for the dismissal of the head coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov began with renewed vigor, and I decided to make a list of seven points, ...

Rating +47
3 April 08:54 |Tribune|Blog All about football

History repeats itself: the first matches of the Russian national team in the selection for the World Cup 2022

Russian national football team / Photo: Konstantin Rybin The coming 2021 is the most important year for our national team. After all, there is too much on the line: you need to perform well at the Euro, and the qualification of the world championship should not be overwhelmed. We saw the first signs of game and mental problems in the opening matches of our national team in the selection of the world championship in Qatar. First things first. Good I will divide this text into two parts - good and bad. Whatever one may say, the Russian national team is a kind of paradox in the world of football. They don't like her, but they still watch every match. They scold for losses, and then praise for victories. "Captain" Dziuba ...

Rating +35
April 2 22:43 |Tribune|Blog CSKA - Online

"It looks like Golovin will be returned to us in parts" - how worried about Sasha in Monaco during the national team matches

While Alexander Golovin was at the disposal of the Russian national team, which played matches against Malta, Slovenia and Slovakia as part of the qualifying tournament for the 2022 World Cup, on the branches of the Monaco club forums dedicated to him ...

Rating +30

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