Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “The IOC is working to reduce the number of accreditations. We cannot guarantee that all applications of Russian specialists will be satisfied "

Head of the Russian Olympic Committee (OCD) Stanislav Pozdnyakov said that some specialists of the Russian national teams may not be able to go to the Games in Tokyo due to the fact that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is working to reduce the number of accredited persons,

“As you know, foreign fans will not be able to attend the Games in Tokyo... A unique situation, because the organizing committee has not yet decided how many accreditations they expect.

IOCcanceled all accompanying persons. Work is underway to reduce the number of accreditations in order to reduce the number of people. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all requests from teams and specialists will be satisfied.

I ask you to treat this with understanding and balance, ”Pozdnyakov said at a meeting of the headquarters for monitoring the preparation of Russian sports teams for participation in the Olympic Games.

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