The title partner brings Aston Martin $ 35 million, the income of F1 from sponsors - $ 220 million a year (RaceFans)

RaceFans has shared information about Aston Martin and Formula 1 sponsorship contracts.

The Silverstone collective's deal with new title partner Cognizant is valued at $ 35 million a year. Previously, the title sponsor of the team was BWT, which continued its cooperation withAston Martin in a different status.

RaceFans also notes that "Formula 1"actively attracts sponsors, despite the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, in recent years, agreements have been concluded with the Saudi oil company Aramco and the Ferrari Trento brand, which produces sparkling wine for the catwalks.

The series currently has 16 partner corporations, with Heineken, Aramco and Emirates bringing in F1's of $ 40 million or more a year. The total annual income of the championship from sponsors exceeds $ 220 million, the newspaper writes.

The oil war (which knocked out the ruble) was launched by a new sponsor, F-1. He stands as 26 Gazprom and helps Arabia to seize motorsport

F-1 has an unprecedentedly fast city track: the average speed is 253 km / h. And also a record for corners and almost no hard braking

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