Euroleague. Playoffs. Anadolu Efes - Real Madrid, Milan to play Bayern

On Tuesday, April 20, the Euroleague-20/21 play-off starts with two matches.

In the first matches of the 1/4 final series, Turkish "Anadolu Efes" will accept spanish "Real", italian "Milan" will play at home with German Bayern Munich



1/4 finals (up to three wins)

First matches

the date of the
April 20, 20.00, Sinan Erdem Dome
Anadolu Ephesus
Shanli (fifteen), Bobois (fourteen), Simon (10), Mitsich (7), Morman (2) ?? start; Larkin (eleven), Dunston (3), Anderson (0), Singleton (0).
Tavares (10), Laprovittola (nine), Abalde (five), Taylor (3), Vukcevic (0) ?? start; Tompkins (10), Kozyur (four), Rudy Fernandez (3), Garuba (2), Sergio Jul (0).

NOTE: start time of matches - Moscow.

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