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    Goldenkisa shared a picture - editing status
    Annecy hosted the traditional annual Chrono d'or (Golden Chronograph) Awards last night, co-organized by the Haute-Savoie Department, the winter sports equipment pool, the French Ski Federation and Le Dauphiné Libéré.
    This year's ceremony took place digitally on the set of Pixpocket and was broadcast
    ... live, as it was impossible to hold it in a crowded auditorium for obvious reasons. As always, the expert jury and winter sports fans voted for the best of the best for each ski sport.

    In total, 9 "Golden Chronographs" were awarded to the best athletes (Madame and Monsieur) at the end of the year in the following categories:
    Alpine skiing nomination:
    #Alexis Pinturo
    #Tessa Worle
    In the biathlon nomination:
    #Emilien Jacquelin
    #Julia Simon
    In the cross-country skiing category:
    #Maurice Manifika
    #Dolphin Claudel
    In the category snowboard and freestyle:
    #Benjamin Kaveh
    #Perrin Laffon
    This time, for the first time, the Champion of Champions was not # Martin Fourcade , who for many years was the recognized snow king of French skiing, he was unanimously elected the newly-made owner of the BHG in alpine skiing #Alexis Pinturo...
    Also, according to tradition, athletes who retired at the end of the season were honored. #Pierre Voltier, # Jean-Baptiste Grange, # Julien Lieseur.

    In total this season, the French skiers have 92 podiums, of which 32 victories,
    18 world championship medals, including 5 World Cup titles,
    as well as 5 crystal globes.

    # France national team
    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Winter is still at Winklmoos! ☺️❄️# Johannes Kühn #Germany national team

    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Put on your sneakers and go out into nature 👟🌳 Perfect start to the week for me! ☺#Maren Hammerschmidt #Germany national team wives

    ::: Sputnik V :::
    ::: Sputnik V ::: shared - editing status
    🚀 #Space #Gagarin Cup #stadium named after Yuri Gagarin # USSR national team #Progress #history

    Here we go? Happy Cosmonautics Day, friends. Happy 60th anniversary of the last real breakthrough in the history of mankind.

    “108 minutes of flight into space, or how #Yuri Gagarinbecame the ambassador of two hundred million people up, into the sky, into the future. Just imagine: first become the main force that broke fascism, and
    ... 16 years later - to jerk into space! ...

    ... On the Runet there are popular #memeswith Gagarin: “Hello, descendants! How are you there? Have you landed on Mars? "

    And don't ask, Uncle Yur. We are now free, we are now progressive, we are now living in British comics. All right. Hello to the stars ... "

    Watch in the video 👇

    #http: // #the Internet #social network #skaters on social networks #biathletes on social networks #technologies #books #psychology #Politics #Rules of life #films
    Lesson number 136. Gagarin: "Hello, descendants! How are you there?" "Zakhar Prilepin. Russian Lessons"

    108 minutes of flight into space, or How Yuri Gagarin became the ambassador of two hundred million people up into the sky, into the future. Just imagine: first become the main ...

    Ksusha shared a picture - editing status
    Not a bad end to a good season ... 8th place Yugorsky Marathon) #Matvey Eliseev
    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    See the amazing spring flowers? 🔍 🌸
    ... neither me 😅
    This is also Thuringia. Who would have thought that you could still ski in the second week of April. 😁# Philip Horn #Germany national team

    Logician shared a picture - editing status
    By analogy with KM, I collected information about the speeds of girls at the IBU Cup. That is, a comparison with the average time of the fastest five is shown. Precisely comparison, because there was both a lag and a lead. If the graph shows a departure below the zero axis, it means that the biathlete in the race was the first or second fastest. We were like that# Valeria Vasnetsova, #Ekaterina Noskova (Moshkova) and #Anastasia Goreeva...
    ... there was a lot, on one graph everything was incomprehensible, not clear. I split the list in half by speed: the first chart is the fastest, the second is the slowest. The first graph shows a larger spread than the second. This is due to the timeline (see values ​​on the timeline).
    Immediately, I note that ours were not among the high-speed leaders at the only stage: Brezno-Osrbli 2. There Vasnetsova is already there, and Noskova is not yet enchanting, Goreeva was at the YChM. The second sprint in Arber, too, at first glance, without our speed dominance. In fact, there was the fastest#Tatiana Akimova (Semenova)... Vasnetsov and#Anastasia Shevchenkolost it plus or minus 12 seconds (5th and 6th speeds). I took Akimova's speed into account, but I didn't include her or Kuklina in the schedules: they have too few starts at the IBU and the European Championship. So in this sprint Lera and Nastya are among the high-speed leaders.
    Also the sprint at the European Championship: I took girls with CM into account. If we exclude them, then the lag of both Nastya would be noticeably less (Goreeva would have the second speed, Shevchenko - the 4th, their time would be included in the calculation of the average).
    Another pleasant digression: Vasnetsova and Goreeva won their first victories in individual races at the IBU Cup. Both won their sprints with zeroes (!). Well, Shevchenko is our first junior with a personal medal at the adult European Championship. In addition, 3rd and 2nd places in the first two sprints of Arber. In the second, only 4 seconds lost to Akimova.
    Now the analysis of the actual speeds according to the season.
    Vasnetsov. The first 4 sprints are speed dominance. At the European Championship, I beat everyone who came from the CM. Only Bendika had the same speed (0.1 sec difference). At this time she showed good shooting. But they didn't take her to KM. It's a pity. After Polkhovsky said at the European Championship that they would not take her, and promised "later," Lera lost her speed. "After", as you know, does not mean "due", but still. But Shashilov did not have enough of her for the CM, and he promised to "raise the issue." But at this time, Ekaterina Noskova and#Natalia Gerbulova...
    Nastya Goreeva. Starting with Brezno-Osrbly and until the end of the season, she dominated. The graph shows that it accelerated gradually, but confidently. She was at KM in December, and got to Östersund according to the quota, which she received, incl. thanks to winning the last sprint of the season. And there she showed the second move in the team.
    Shevchenko. The statements that she was "enchanting" in January and then "blown away" are untrue. Yes, she had good speeds in Arber 2 and at the European Championship. But she had good speed in the last sprint. The graph shows this well.
    #Anastasia Egorova... She started at the level of Shevchenko's worst speeds. It accelerated with each sprint. As a result, in the last of them she showed almost the same move with Noskova and with the same Shevchenko.
    Noskov. In January, she ran a sprint in Oberhof, showing the second move after Mironova. In the IBU Cup sprints, the move was second only to Goreeva. In the last two - among the high-speed leaders. Poor shooting hinders the realization of the high-speed potential.
    The second graph shows the slower girls. Briefly about them. The most stable move is Gerbulova.
    Kaplina has big swings. Shevnina: The speed is also insufficient for high places, even at the IBU Cup. Moschenkova and Kudisova: the speeds are comparable, the prospects are different. Alina was not lost with speed in her debut season. In the last sprint, she showed her best speed here, and with one (!) Miss she took a high 9th place for herself. Let's see how she goes further. This season I was still a junior.
    In general, I have good impressions of the season. First of all, because of the different successes of young and still promising girls.
    What can these speeds mean for KM? Baiba Bendika's best places in sprints are 16, 20, 21. And Vasnetsova at the European Championship ran a sprint in one leg with her. This comparison allows us to look into the coming season with cautious optimism. All health and good preparation for the season!
    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    The first kilometers by bike😎🌅🚴🏻‍♂ #Danilo Ritmüller (#Germany national team, reserve)

    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Stairway to Heaven🏔🌞 #Lukas Frazscher (#Germany national team, reserve)
    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Covered in sunshine🌞 with my loved ones🐥 🐥 = perfect day 🎿 🏔 ☕ # Vanessa Hinz #Germany national team wives

    Goldenkisa shared a picture - editing status
    # Martin Fourcade even after the end of his career, the athlete continues to set records, this time he takes the first place in sales of sports books in France over the past 5 years.
    Two books by Martin Fourcade, My Dream of Gold and Snow and The Last Circle, co-authored with Jean Issartel, journalist and editor of l'Equipe, and published in 2017 and 2020 by Marabout.
    ... came out with a circulation of 100,000 copies in France, Russia, Norway, Czech Republic, Germany and Estonia.
    In his first book, published on the eve of the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, Martin recalls his formation and formation as an athlete, the great moments of his career, and speaks plainly about his ambitions and his "dream of gold and snow."
    The Last Circle is the second book to be released in September 2020 and is more personal. A touching and sincere diary of the last season in his career. Martin frankly talks about his fears and adversities, about the taste of victory, regained after the difficult 2018/2019 season, with the sincerity and humility that have always characterized him.
    Behind the champion, in it, he opens up as a person, as a father and a friend, for whom it is important to pass the torch to his teammates and rivals.
    A little over a year ago, Martin said goodbye to the competition, scoring his last victory, and put an end to a huge career that brought him to the highest steps of the world and Olympic podiums and elevated him to the rank of a sports legend.
    zhirov shared - editing status
    Russian Biathlon Champion won the race without ammunition

    To participate in the race, the athlete had to collect cartridges left over from past starts, despite this Larisa Kuklina won the mass start of the Russian Championship ...

    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    HAPPY EASTER! 🐣🐥 Wish everyone a Happy Easter Holidays to#coronavirus did not deprive us of optimism and cheerfulness.
    One of the strengths of sport is to foster communication and strengthen the will to succeed !!
    Your # Denise Hermann ❤️

    #Germany national team wives
    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    This was probably the last time cross-country skiing this winter ... #Lukas Frazscher (#Germany national team, reserve)

    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Do you enjoy the sun and spring days too? 🌷
    Hope the beautiful weather puts a smile on your face! ☀️😁#Maren Hammerschmidt #Germany national team wives

    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Time to enjoy the sun! ☀️😎🌷 Best with a cup of coffee😋☕#Franziska Preuss #Germany national team wives

    Goldenkisa shared a picture - editing status
    Despite the shortened World Cup and the cancellation of all North American stages in Canada and the USA, the postponement of entire stages and the cancellation of individual races, in spite of all coronaviruses and other winds and snowfalls, the White Circus has completed one of the most interesting and dramatic seasons of 2020/2021 with dignity.

    The French alpine skiing team finished the last season with dignity.
    The main achievement was, of course
    ... the Big Crystal Globe, which returned to France after 24 years, became its owner 🏆 #Alexis Pinturo
    Small Crystal Cup in Giant Slalom won 🏆 #Alexis Pinturo
    In parallel disciplines this season, the crystal cup was not played, due to the small number of races held (only one), but it was also won by Alexis. 👑
    In total, the team won 23 (9-9-5) medals, of which:
    🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇 #Alexis Pinturo
    🥇🥇 # Clement Noel
    🥇 #Mathieu Favre
    🥇 #Tessa Worle

    🥈🥈 # Clement Noel
    🥈🥈 #Tessa Worle
    🥈 #Alexis Pinturo
    🥈 #Victor Muffa-Jande
    🥈 # Johan Clery
    🥈 # Matthieu Bele

    🥉🥉🥉 #Alexis Pinturo
    🥉 # Clement Noel
    🥉 #Mathieu Favre

    At the World Championships held in Cortina D Ampezzo, the French team
    Won 5 medals of various denominations
    🥇🥇 #Mathieu Favre
    🥈 🥉#Alexis Pinturo
    🥉 #Tessa Worle

    Two renowned "veterans" completed their careers # Jean-Baptiste Grange and # Julien Lieseur
    At the end of the season, the French took third place in the Nations Cup.
    #skiing # France national team

    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Good day to be good🙃🙂 # Denise Hermann #Germany national team wives

    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Enjoy the end of the season ☀️ #Benedict Doll #Germany national team

    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Goodbye season 2020/21 🧚‍♀👋

    I got into my first top 15 at the World Cup this season, which made me very happy - but like every season, I had a few races that weren't that good 🙄🧐 - it was a roller coaster 🎢 sometimes, but this is life and I will try my best to improve my skills for next season :)
    Finally, I want to thank my family and friends for the whole
    ... support, my trainers and all DSV staff, as well as my sponsors who
    greatly simplified my path as an athlete ⛷ #Marion Daigentesh #Germany national team wives

    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    The off-season makes me smile again 🥰🏔 #Yuliane Fruvirt #Germany national team wives

    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Season 20/21 ✅
    After a short break after the last competition, I can say that there have been a lot of positive things this season! However, the range from the first international competition with 94th place and the last one with my first World Cup points is very large! This shows me that in difficult times we should not give up, but rely on each other 💪🏽 So many thanks to my
    ... family, girlfriend, friends, the entire DSV team, sponsors, equipment suppliers and anyone who took pity on me this season🙏🏼😁 #David Zobel #Germany national team
    Goldenkisa shared by reference - editing status
    So the biathlon season, which is so ambiguous in every sense, has come to an end, it's time to sum up some results.
    The results of the French national team turned out to be not as impressive as last season, but given that the team lost its long-term leader, ideological inspirer and main gold miner Martin Fourcade, it still looked quite decent, taking 2nd place in the Nations Cup, losing only
    ... to the Norwegian team:
    The French have won 34 medals this season (12-10-12)
    They managed to climb the golden step of the pedestal
    👑 # Quentin Fillon-Maillet
    👑 #Simon Destier
    👑 #Emilien Jacquelin
    👑 #Julia Simon
    and all athletes from the main team at least once (including relay races) stood on the podium.
    The Biathlon World Championship in Slovenian Pokljuka ended with good results for the French:
    7 medals including 2 world titles.
    Team France takes 2nd place in the medal standings:
    🥇 🥉 #Emilien Jacquelin
    🥇 #Antonin Guigonne / #Julia Simon
    🥈 🥉 #Anais chevalier- Boucher
    🥉 # Quentin Fillon-Maillet

    At the end of the season, the entire base of both the men's and women's national teams entered the top 20 in the overall standings of the World Cup:
    3. # Quentin Fillon-Maillet
    7. #Emilien Jacquelin
    nine. #Simon Destier
    nineteen. #Antonin Guigonne
    twenty. # Fabienne Claude

    nine. #Anais chevalier-Bush
    13. #Julia Simon
    fifteen. #Justine Breisaz-Bush
    eighteen. # Anais Bescon

    # France national team # France national team wives # Martin Fourcade
    For more information on the season's results, check out our awesome blog:

    The adventures of the mighty five, or the French national team in the 2020/21 season

    The adventures of the mighty five, or the French national team in the 2020/21 season

    The Adventures of the Mighty Five, or the French national team in the 2020/21 season - Winter's Tale - Blogs -

    Dmitry Puzyrev
    Dmitry Puzyrev shared a picture - editing status
    Dedicated to the ended biathlon season ... :-)
    #Eduard Latypov and the main awards of his life.
    TUOMAS shared a picture - editing status
    Hey, is the season over ?!
    Yes it is. And, unfortunately, this winter I stayed far below my own expectations and goals. This was often frustrating, and I was also often very disappointed. Nevertheless, I gained some valuable experience and drew my own conclusions from this. I look forward to starting to work on my weaknesses and gas up again next season.

    I also want to tell everyone
    ... sponsors, equipment suppliers, the team, as well as my environment, which always supports me, gives me courage and makes me happy. You are the best 😌# Philip Horn #Germany national team

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