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April 20 17:33 |Tribune|Blog HC CSKA - online

Happy birthday, Artem!

Today, April 20, is the birthday of the defender of the red-blue Artem Sergeev!

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April 20 17:31 |Tribune|Blog HC CSKA - online

Happy birthday, Vyacheslav Alexandrovich!

Celebrating his birthday today is the renowned CSKA defender, two-time Olympic champion, seven-time world champion, three-time Stanley Cup winner, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Fetisov.

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April 20 15:29 |Tribune|Blog All hockey!

Whims Minnesota's Best Newcomer | Tretiak is the richest! | Panarin broke the record / All hockey

Whims the best newcomer in Minnesota history! And Tretyak is the richest! In 2020 he earned .... wow, how much he earned! Check out the new News, where I have collected the most important news of the week in one video.

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19 april 22:26 |Tribune|Blog HC CSKA - online

CSKA ice hockey school - match results for April 12-18

Last week, regular matches of the Moscow Open Championship, the Moscow City Cups among teams born in 2009-2011, as well as the Moscow Open Championship and the Moscow Region Open Championship among juniors (2003-2005 ...

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