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Premier League England
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Football Championship (English Premier League - Premier League) 2020/2021
Location England
The last winner Liverpool
20 april 20:17 |Blog London eye

Agnelli's 11 friends kill dreams. Our favorite plots are impossible in the Super League

Since the first Super League rumors hit me at Wembley for Sunday's FA Cup semi-finals (the one without the super clubs), I have consumed an incredible amount of opinions. While my colleagues are analyzing the rational and financial reasons for the appearance of the atomic bomb in European football, it is interesting for me to think about alternative universes: in 1998, the year of the first appearance of the idea, Lazio, for example, would have been included in the superpartisans, and Bayer would have refused from the proposal of Lorenzo Sans, and in 2025 the place of Tottenham from the Premier League could well be taken by Leicester. It's even more fun to watch ...

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20 april 19:31 |Tribune|Blog Terrace Football Culture

A fan's view of the Super League

🏟 We consider the creation of the Super League through the romantic prism of fanaticism and the difference between European and American civilization. We touch on the problem of aging of the football audience in view of the spread of clip thinking 📺

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